you an a z n so fuck you too,

see my crew and my gun baby, we the best,

can't test, we grab breast, real chest, grab your vests,

and we milk east to the west, that's the very best.

time i come, ahhh haaa,

my hometown china, see what you got huh,

you got shit nigga see my pride,

i'm an a z n you better recognize,

the got rice bitch, got rice,

you got shit, no skills and nice,

you get no fame like us, you got no skills like us,

you got shit, got bitch, got skills from us,

what's up, you hear our shit and i kill that fool,

i steal money from your bank and take your family jewel,

can i help it if i'm ill and corrupt my school,

it dont matter, fuck the song we just made it through,

we rock schools, steal cars, get high, we the future star, kill a nigga for fun,

and show who sold your heart to this song,

'cause i'm living life fullest ripstah,

three on one, fuck you,

its one on one, no dude,

got rice bitch, got rice,

got shit, no skills and nice,

got no lyrics like us, got no girls like us,

fuck yea, i'm high, you'll never be like us,

you crawl around the floor with your fucking knees,

i'll beat your ass so hard you'll be screaming please,

i don't like your style i won't get used to it,

cause you sound like a bitch with some blowin--

what the fuck is that, you got chapstic up your ass,

cause your soundin' like trash, gettin' high off of grass,

instead of gold your wearin' brass,

tryin' to battle me don't even skip,

come back with got rice part three.

got rice bitch, got rice,

got shampoo for your head full of lice,

Lyrics submitted by midxevil978

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