so theres this kid
that i know
and he tries so hard
to find love
and get the girl
but he never does.

so theres this girl that he knows
and she told him things
she knew would never get played out
and she told him lies to not
dash his heat and feelings for her to pieces
and when she stopped lying
he cried for her
and his computer screen said "im sorry"
and he still cried.

then there was this girl
that this kid really liked
and he tried to get close to her
and she pushed him away
after letting him know she liked him.
and he didnt know why
because this kid i know
he doesnt know shit about girls.
at all.
and he found it was trite to fight his feelings
because he was in love again
but the girl left
and then showed back up
and he thought he had a shot at happiness
and he did
untill another kid showed up.
and he realized that it was useless
even though he was in love.

and then there was this girl
who this kid was in love love with
since the 1st grade
and this girl was everything to the kid
and she didnt know that.
but the girl flirted to much
with other guys,
so the kid ended it
for a time
and then came back
because he realized a bowling alley
was as good a place as any
for a storybook hookup
and The Ataris played "giving up on love" in the backround
and the kid knew it was too good to be true
and something was too good
bacause the girl didnt call
and the kid began to worry
then one day he got a call
and breakup was the topic of conversation
but for the other girl it wasnt a breakup
because she already had a "guy" lined up
and the kid who would have done anything
found out he wouldnt fight for
something as meanignless as a

so once there was this girl
that this kid i knew really cared about.
and the girl was really good for the kid at the time
and there may have been love in it.
but i never asked the kid
and he never told me.
and as they began their lift
every weekend
he realized he couldnt keep up
she was too wild
and he wanted her bad
to stop what they were doing
so he could remain happy with her
but she couldnt (or wouldnt)
so he couldnt either.
and he left her, cold turkey
and with the cold of winter ending...the girl was gone.

so this kid i know
he hasnt told me his whole story yet
and he hasnt let me in on what he really wants
or how he plans on getting it.
but now he is so glad
that he knows the truth
that girls are mean,
they are fucking evil.
but he has to keep on looking for
one that isnt.

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    General Commentthis chad bradley guy is just starting to piss me off, these are poems...maybe. Not songs or lyrics, songs have timing, a beat, none of these do. Lyrics have a story, metaphors, 2nd layers. These hide nothing, this songs also leads me to think that he may not be umm "straight" saying girls suck and they are evil. Girls are great, this guy just can't deal with them.
    CouchpotatoHeroon June 16, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI don't like this song at all and it's obvious what its about. I think the second verse is the worst one fo all too. Just b/c a relationship doesn't work out the way you want it too, doesn't mean that you have to end the relationship all together.
    eltsyrkon June 18, 2002   Link

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