"Moon Sammy" as written by Michael Doughty, Mark Degliantoni, Yuval Gabay and Sebastian Steinberg....
Moon Sammy walks. Across the floor. Below the floor. There is a wall.
Behind the wall. There is a chair. Moon Sammy knows. The chair is there.

But that's OK, that's OK, you can do that--if you're wound up, full of tension,
incoherent. Your mouth is buttered with lies; you ask why, but you could
call it enigmatic; all your thoughts about the chair are full of static.
Automatically your mind goes down the stairwell to the chair; your body
says Moon Sammy, can you come back?

Strum it.

Moon Sammy washes. In the sink. Below the sink. There is a drain. The drain
goes straight. Into the sea. The sink itself. Is porcelain.

Obsess yourself with causality. The information you hear is a loophole,
technicality. Behind every object is a mathematic; an obscure substance
infused with a kinetic force, energy, an obscure conscience shoots a gun at
the feet the world dances.

Babylon, mystery, mother of harlots, and all these abominations of the
earth, that sits on many waters, drunk with the blood of the martyrs of

And I wondered with great admiration.

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    General CommentI know that the "real" Moon Sammy is a fat black janitor/night watchman that Doughty met at some point. What the rest actually meant to him (aside from the weird apocalyptic musings that seem to infuse the whole album), I have no clue.

    However, I named one of my cats after this song so I can't help but think about it in terms of cat/human perspective. The simplicity and straightforwardness of the two "Moon Sammy" verses is very catlike (especially this cat, who was very certain of herself and her little world), and the rest of it, the complicated part that spins the mind out into its own universe, is human (especially me, because at the time I got this cat I was just settling into graduate school and my mind was going all over the place). I had a real sense of "great admiration" for her and her self-containment--what a weird little thing she was; I suppose all cats are (they contain multitudes).

    I don't know if Doughty's a cat man but if he were I suspect he might appreciate that reading.
    dlugoczajon November 22, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThe part that starts with "babylon, mystery, mother of harlots" to the very end of the song are all quotes from the book of revelations mixed together. I think Doughty had a thing with the language used in the book of revelations for a while or something, because years later parts of his rant on BT's "Never Gonna Come Back Down" were taken from there too.
    destroyalltacoson September 16, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI was watching the movie "Ed Gein" a few nights ago and was surprised when I recognized that one of the characters ( Gein'm mother ) was speaking the lyrics ( Babylon,mystery...) from this song. And she quoted them almost exactly in that order. Then at the very end of the movie, when Gein is in prison talking about his mother, her voice is once again heard quoting the same paragraph. The movie is supposedly a pretty acurate telling of the man based on interviews with Gein and those that new him.
    embalmerpeteon July 14, 2010   Link
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    Song ComparisonI happened across this thread while searching for potential meanings behind the term "Moon Sammy", a phrase I encountered while listening to a recording of an old Calypso song called "Caroline," which is featured on the album "Calypso Pioneers 1912-1937" and sung by Wilmouth Houdini. Houdini is singing about an unfaithful companion and repeatedly stating, "tell me where you been last night Caroline." During verse 1 (if my ears are serving me) he states that his neighbors are laughing at him and calling him "Moon Sammy." I have not been able to find any other references to the name.
    Tempatroon August 11, 2016   Link
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    General Comment"Moon Sammy" seems to be a simple, basic mode of here-in-the now consciousness - shared with a neurotic, overintellectual psyche that ends up being unable to articulate anything in the second verse. The body they share would prefer the simple,uncomplicated thoughts of Moon Sammy ..."the body says moon sammy can you come back" The mind, however, is obsessed with cause and effect and finding a deeper reality behind what is perceived. Thus revealing itself as "Babylon", the abstract mode of consciousness that takes us away from the basic simplicity of Moon Sammy. And the singer is amazed by all of it coexisting together.

    Or something.
    nathan1149on March 20, 2018   Link

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