To Serenade a Rainbow

I think I want to fly away.
I think I want to fly away.
I think I want to fly away.
I think I want to fly away.
I think I want to fly away.
I think I want to fly away.
I think I want to fly away.
I think I want to fly away.
I think I want to fly away.
I think I want to fly away.
I think I want to fly away.
I think I want to fly away.

Sitting on top of the setting sun
Trying to capture at age twenty-one
? beauty's only skin deep
But love likes to sail when I exhale my lungs.
Fine wines, good times...
To try to be an angel's pantomime
That's the ticket but a different definition than the soul defines
Does "X" mark spot on a single heart
When it's borne the billion's of Cupid's darts?
To try to spread love to the multitude...
But then there's the few that tears things apart.
Moonbeams condition my dreams
To its current shades of purple and green.
I'm convinced that my aura has the same glow,
And this produces my affection toward rainbows.
Wondering why...
Why only my eyes embrace you?
As if I was blind, I persist to chase you.
Through my window I'm watching you smile at me.
And I live for the times when you profile for me.
The breeze, the wind...
It fluctuates my adrenaline.
See, it's an ode to the fact you've put your colors on.
Now all I've got to do is tell you it's wrong,
And counteract my tears with a grin.
To balance your feelings in a mind that spins
Is to serenade a rainbow,
While riding on the tail of the wind.

I think I want to fly away.
I think I want to fly away.
I think I want to fly away.
I think I want to fly away.
I think I want to fly away.
I think I want to fly away.
I think I want to fly away.
I think I want to fly away.

Loving you is easy cause your beautiful.
I don't think so. I think that that's a lot of bull.
My heart and soul are completely taken over.
I'm sick from one of those love hangovers.
I watch the comedy called intellect
Which wraps the nooses around our necks.
It seems the unreal is becoming more real.
They've taken me down to strawberry fields.
Leave me at the tip of Orion's nose,
And play me a song that your heart composed.
Why you can blow me away and I can still see blue,
Agape compels me to love you.
Break me down until you see the sun.
I look at you and smile and you ask, "How come?"
Father, I talk to you for peace of mind.
? goes home that makes me blind.
It's like a fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm.
That fall love in love on the slightest whim
Is to serenade a rainbow,
While riding on the tail of the wind.

I think I want to fly away.

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