And I'm walking on the cold side of the moon
And I don't feel that peace of mind
That I had read, about in school
My vision set on one
A soul is lying it awaits
To feel alright
Broken, restless, tired
The fear of flight
But have I told you that you're beautiful in white

And I'm strolling through a garden it's midday
And I know her source of life
So close to death, and all it's pain
So I pray for a safe flight
Jodie lies waiting now for days
But she feels alright
Alone, but doing fine
A week goes by
Have I told you that you are beautiful in white

Promises a waste, believed in yesterday
Lied to, scorned in shame, taken in yesterday
Fading to the strain
Fear of yesterday
Fear of yesterday
It's all lies

And I'm dancing on the ocean waves it's late
Father comiserates and cries
Forever flying she partakes
And soars to greater heights
Her life in harmony, arrived
She feels alright
Triumphant, youthful child
The feeling of flight
Have I told you that you're beautiful tonight

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    General CommentI think this song is about a girl who is dying, and the person that was closest to her is sad for her. He thinks about her all the time like when he is walking alone in the dark at night "cold side of the moon" or "strolling through a garden". She is dying in hospital "have i told you that you're beautiful in white" and "so close to death and all it's pain...she lies waiting now for days". She is initially scared of death so he prays for her. Then she dies and she "feels alright" and doesn't "fear flight" anymore, when he says "have i told you that you're beautiful in white...have i told you that you're beautiful tonight" he is now referring to her spirit-he sees her at night and she is an angel and she is in white. Anyone else got something better? I dunno how accurate that is.
    stealthi52on September 13, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI cant believe im the second person to comment on this song! Its awsome. So effing awsome.

    My take on this song is that hes in love with a girl whos dying, or in a lot of pain. And all the way through the song he feels hopeless or feels like theres nothing he can do about it. Then in the last verse she dies. And hes relieved cos shes no longer in pain, and hes just glad its finally over.

    Im probably wrong =] But hey, thats how i picture the song when i hear it...
    EmmaExOhon July 20, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe girl is "...waiting to feel alright..." meaning, she knows that she's going to die, and she is waiting to go to heaven. Her friend (I'm assuming it's a guy) is afraid of her dying,"...fear of flight..." so apparently, she was like a cornerstone to him. The "...beautiful in white..." He also knows that she's going to heaven, so he knows about the new body she is to recieve once she gets there.
    The next section, he's taking a last talk with her "...through a garden it's midday..." now this also coicides with Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane, where He prays before He gets betrayed. So we know that the girl's death is soon. The guy prays that the girl is taken quietly, and peacefully "...Praying for a safe filght..." but he knows that she's in a lot of pain. Once again, he says that she is "...beautiful in white..." saying that she will be an angel in Heaven.
    The last two verses, the girl is in the last moments, and the guy is blaming himself for her death. She is "...soaring to greater heights..." going to Heaven, saying her last goodbye until they meet again. Her pain is gone, she feels young again. Finally, as his last goodbye, he tells her that he still loves her, even though she is gone for now, but they will meet again. "...have I told you that you're beautiful tonight..."
    That's just my taking on the song, of course, so you may not agree. But that's how I take it.
    capthollyshortlepon May 11, 2008   Link

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