"When You Say You Love Me" as written by and Darren Hayes....
I don't someone telling me what to do
I don't want to find out my temper grew wings and flew to you
I don't want somebody telling me what's not right
But I just want you to love me
Oh I just want you to love me

I don't want to have lie about what?s inside
And then there?s always been a tiny part of me I was trying to hide
I don't want to see your expression if I let you down
No I just want you to love me
Oh I just want you to love me

But there's a haiku poem inside my head
And the words are written in invisible ink
And now the world is changing and I can barely keep up
Cause what was hot is over and what was down is not now
Adam and Eve are trying to split up
And I can't take anymore
Cause I just want you to love me
Oh I just want you to love me

Love me...
Oh I just want you to love me
Oh I just want you to love me
Oh I just want you to love me
Oh I just want you to love me

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"I Just Want You to Love Me" as written by Darren Hayes

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When You Say You Love Me song meanings
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    General CommentLove this song. It's so upbeat and has a very happy aura around it, although it really touches on a serious subject. When you meet somebody and they seem to be the sweetest person and they say all the right things to you to make you feel special, do they really mean it? Or are they just saying it because it's just something they do? I know for me, right now I'm in a similar situation, in which I was recently involved with a guy who would say the most adorable and romantic things to me...almost as though it were an intutive reaction. It made me melt, everytime and still looking back on it, I don't know why he said those things because he certainly didn't mean them. Or perhaps he thought he did?
    In any case, I think this song is very parallelled to my experience, so it really is very special to me, especially lately.
    Misseveruson March 04, 2006   Link
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    General CommentOh I know what you mean (Again) Miss!. Some people just seem to be made to charm. And the rest of us are caught in their spell. I also fell for a guy who likes to "talk" a lot (even though I rather keep my feelings to myself until I'm not completely sure about them), and he would just take me so high with his words and everything...And he even has the ability to remember anything you told him or you did, even when it was YEARS ago, and bring it back to prove he care, when I guess he's probably the same with any girl he likes or is with. Those things would confuse me (in fact that's how he got me from the beggining, because of the attention to little details) but I had to learn that is just an "ability" some people have, to charm and make believe, when in reality even when they may feel something, it's not even close to what YOU may feel...

    I also relate to the "I know everybody here wants to hold you, I know how it's like cause I feel the same..." This people tend to have such a magnetism...they just attract people, and you sense it, and you have to be very grounded and confident about yourself to not let it bother you...And this people always seem so liked by everyone...

    So will we know when we are talking seriously, and when they really mean it? mmm I hope so...Now I'm going through a deep heartbreak and so I'm in disbelief...
    Gabigson March 07, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI have a huge test tomorrow in psycholinguistics which I have stuidied very little for, but I cannot tear myself away from the computer. You and your stories about this fellow are enthralling me, just because none of my friends can relate to me, I have no one to talk to about what I'm going through. I find it hard to believe that I found you on here still, and I've been reading and posting for like an hour! It's almost fatalistic.
    I feel you girl...totally and completely. Or...truly, madly completely ;) if you will. Hehe. It's very frustrating to be in a position of being manipulated with words by a person whom you really care deeply for. But, sometimes it's as though a part of you knows that he doesn't mean some of the romantic and unreal things they say, but you still love to hear it, and put all your faith into thinking, "hey...maybe this time he's sincere". I guess we are just two romantic ladies out there who are too passionate and kind for our own good. I hope we can become stronger through this, but not loose our passion. I think that is one of the biggest virtues a person can have.
    I'm thinking of you! I hope you're getting through this more day by day.
    Misseveruson March 08, 2006   Link
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    General CommentOhh I hope the test went good!!. I cannot wait to talk to you, really, no one of my friends understand either. They are so simplistic about it.
    I think we can help each other. And I'm sure we are both passionate ladies that still haven't found our place. You're so right about not losing it...we must remain the same even if it hadn't worked so far...

    And yes, the other day when I found your posts I found myself replying to each and everyone of them and I was here so long! lol . I couldn't leave the computer :)

    The best for you!!! Hugs!! :)
    Gabigson March 11, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI adore this. Both his and Clay Aiken's versions are amazing. =)
    HELENzon September 10, 2010   Link

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