I know that you've been hurt
Is there anything that i can help repair
I got all the time in the world to despair
You never wanted me to see you crying
You never wanted me to see you shaking
I'm so sorry i had to see all of this
Did i hurt you in anyway?
Was it something that i didn't say?
Usually im the one who says all...
But not this time
No, not this time

I cant get this out of my head
I think you need to go
But please, i dont want you to
I dont want you to see me crying
I dont want you to see me shaking
You always thought i was brave
Please go
You're the one you should save
Save yourself, before it's too late
Just let me ask you one question before you go
Why did you let me go

Well i dont think that i should care
Should i be the one whos scared
When you, you're like this
All this thinking, well it isnt getting me far
It isnt getting me anywhere at all
I was never too much for thinking
I took my time
I thought you were mine
But now its over
Yeah, its over
Because of me

This was the least bit easy
Writing this song brang tears back to my eyes
I think im crying once again
That aint no big suprise
I hope you dont have to see this again
Please leave
But before you go
I want you to know
That you can still hold on
You can still hold onto me
Onto me

And all this thinking
Its still not getting me anywhere
I miss sitting in your room
Sitting in my car, with you in my arms
Sitting at the park, where we would just talk
We would talk
About nothing important
Only the little things, that dont even matter
But they matter a whole lot to me
Only to me
Everything you said, mattered to me

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I Wish You Wouldnt Leave So Fast song meanings
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    General Commentomg....im pretty sure this song was like written FOR me. I had this best friend...we were super close. Or so I thot...I luved him a super amount...and he just walked out and said nothing. All along he mattered so much to me, everything he said, every secret he shared, everything we did together...i hold it all in the highest because I was super happy to find such a great friend. But at the risk of "getting hurt" he threw our friendship away and ever since it happened I really resent it. But I miss him...I just never realized how much until reading these words. Also the song is good too...NFGPunkr said it best: not-so-hard-core-punk-song. But great, great meaning.
    famouson June 07, 2002   Link

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