Days full of cherry wine, telling you something about yourself that someone could have just told you if they were honest, like cherry wine. It brings you clarity and brings you spite and everything but what you really want. And you're my cherry wine telling me something about myself I really don't want to know. Why not drown me in this state of discontent?

Why not drown me?

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    General CommentWow i never realized all of the lyrics were just these couple lines. I like this song so much but don't know what it means..i luve J.S.
    musicausicaon February 18, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti think its about someone who always tells him the truth even though sometimes it hurts
    La De Daon May 03, 2005   Link
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    General Commentyea, i saw JS live

    they kicked some ass
    mcinstuffon June 05, 2005   Link
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    General Commentsuch a powerful song
    wingsoverithacaon June 14, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationHe's singing about someone in his life who is brutally honest with him. This person shares sober incite and truthful realities about himself with him. These are things he surely knows, "telling you something about yourself that someone could have just told you if they were honest." He's maybe even tried to change these things in the past but can't because of lack of will. Or its possible he just chooses not to put in the effort, but it's these things which have the result of leaving him dissatisfied with the relationship(s) he has had with people. Including the person he's singing this song for. The references to 'Cherry Wine' fits nicely, as it is one of the less common wines. It's sweet, tart flavor comes from the cherry fruit which it's made from. As rare as honesty comes these days, it works well as a visual illustration for the person in his life he sings [this song] for. This person, whose relationship status is likely to be a that of a close friend or would-be-lover, is comfortable enough to be vocal, expressing what is seen in him good + bad. He recognizes this, "brings you clarity and brings you spite," and yet is still focused on what he wants of the relationship, "everything but what you really want." He doesn't really care about his faults (failures, hypocrisy, whatever shallow traits he carries with him.) The concerned is more with the satisfaction he is not getting, "in this state of discontent." In the last two lines he's asking why not leave, "Why not drown me," Now he's back to looking for a way to not change the problems he knows exist in himself, he wants the easy way out... but you can not escape yourself. It's a powerful song.
    The melodic vocals, lengthy guitar riffs, lyrical repetition, and simplicity of the song leaves the listener ready for more. There is also some muffled lyrics in the background at the 3:13min. mark,something that sounds to me like it could be, "in my life, miles away, for me so long ago." If anyone knows what the actual lines are please post.

    Mr5B3llon October 16, 2011   Link

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