Every dead body that is not exterminated becomes one of them.
It gets up and kills! The people it kills and kill!

Why is it?

Because they still believe there's respect.

Hello, Captain.

I-I was born
A zombie
From Mercury.
I just sleep.

I-I was born
A zombie
From Mercury.
I just sleep.


You got an alternative?

Yeah, yeah, I got an alternative.
Let's get in that old whirlybird
There, find us an island someplace, get in the, and spend what
Time we got left soakin' up some sunshine.
How's that?

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Hip Albatross Lyrics as written by Jamie Hewlett Damon Albarn

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    General Commentya, but it still kicks ass. its like a period of calmness amidst madness. like the eye of a hurricane.
    figbasheron July 28, 2002   Link
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    General Commentits not "i'm a creep"...clarza had that part right in saying that it is "by mercury". so you should really check yourself before you cop an attitude

    anyway tho...good song
    SR4N0Kon May 22, 2005   Link
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    General Commentok that's weird
    uncoolmanon July 10, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthis song is cool like zombies kick ass
    darkpop2Dzombieon August 25, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthese lyrics are so fucking wrong its ridiculous

    first, correction on the samples (see the movies before putting the quotes from them people):

    [From Dawn of the Dead]
    "Every dead body that is not exterminated becomes one of them, it gets up and KILLS, the people it KILL get up and KILL"

    "Why do they keep them here?
    Because they still believe theres respect in dying"

    "Aye, aye captain"

    [From Day of the Dead]
    "You got an alternative?
    Yeah, yeah, I got an alternative. Let's get in that old whirlybird there, find us an island someplace, get real juiced up and spend what time we got left soakin' up some sunshine. How's that?"

    and the main lyrics:
    "I was born a zombie
    I'm a creep
    From the sea"
    gravity_is_noton December 23, 2004   Link
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    General CommentOh wow, I just saw Dawn of the Dead (the original George A Romero one) and boy is it creepy. This song fits PERFECTLY with it.

    According to some research I did, albatrosses are said to be the "bad luck birds", apparently.

    Crows are bad luck on land and I guess albatross are bad luck by sea.

    Maybe its a metaphor for like a "sea of zombies?"

    Just as a side note, Gorillaz seems to really like this movie b/c they use a musical number from it as the Intro for their new album "Demon Days" (its the part where the two guys are outside the mall, getting ready to drive two trucks and block off the entrance, and the zombies are all crowding around the trucks).
    RTBRAND1on May 26, 2005   Link
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    General Comment2D is a hardcore zombie fan. Day of The Dead in M1A1, Dawn in Last Living Souls... Also, if you go to the Gorillaz website and check out 2D's computer in his room, it's all zombied out. Day of The Dead screensaver, and links to George A. Romero and Lucio Fulci websites.
    ShesMyAlcatrazon June 12, 2005   Link
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    General CommentIn an old magazine from 2002, I found a main article about the man who is actually 2D, it menchaned that this was his supposed ode too george a. romero, and the guy is a huge cult classic horrer film fan.

    And, i don't think thats correct about Alburn, concidering the original Murdoc(Bass), Russle(drums), and the demon that possesed russle (his charictore name escapes me) were all voiced by the producer of a couple of thier albums. His name is Deltron the Funky Homosapion, he's an american hip hop artist and a really cool guy. my pal met him at our local cd store and he afterwords saw him trying too croos the street stoned as hell w/ a huge blunt in his mouth, while carrying a box of carrona, while the lights were not right for him to cross the street. so he held up traffic, he and his stoned out the ass possy. true and funny story.
    GreenAndyon August 06, 2005   Link
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    General CommentScratch that I found the article the other day Opium is right its the guy from Blur that does the singing voice and the animation voice for 2D.
    GreenAndyon August 25, 2005   Link
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    General Comment"ShesMyAlcatraz, do you realize 2D (and all the other gorillaz members) is in fact Damon Albarn of Blur? "

    Yeah of course we know that but teh songs are written from the point of view of the fictional characters so the lyrics are bound to show some of 2D's interests which may or may not reflect Daman Albarn's interests. Also we are not so dense to think these anime things are real and that the drummer really has a ghost in his head and Noodle was fed Exd to america and all that but it is still fun to follow their stories.
    People know the Gorillaz are really just Damon and all them but a lot of us find Noodle, 2D, Murdoc, and Russel pretty fun also.
    bonky109on December 22, 2005   Link

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