Ooh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
You're taking all the sunshine away
Making out like you're the main line (I knew that)
'Cause you're a cool cat
Tapping on the toe with a new hat
Ooh just cruising
Driving along like the swing king
Feeling the beat of my heart, huh!
Feeling the beat of my heart

Ooh you're a cool cat
Coming on strong with all the chit chat
Ooh you're alright
Hanging out and stealing all the limelight
Ooh messing with the beat of my heart yeah!

Ooh you used to be a mean kid
Ooh making such a deal of life
Ooh you were wishing and hoping and waiting
To really hit the big time
But did it happen? Happen, no!
You're speeding too fast, slow down
Slow down, you'd better slow down, slow down

You really know how to set the mood
And you really get inside the groove
Cool cat tapping on the toe with a new hat
Ooh just cruising
Driving along like the swing king
Feeling the beat of my heart
Feeling the beat of my heart, yeah!
Feeling the beat of my heart
Can you feel it?
Feeling the beat of my heart
Feeling the beat of my heart
Ooh feeling, feeling, feeling
Feeling every feeling.

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Cool Cat Lyrics as written by John Deacon Freddie Mercury

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    General CommentJust thought Id comment in the hope to find any real queen fans out there rather than just people who have heard the beat to a couple of songs at a sports event and think that they are Queen's biggest fan.

    That's that off my chest, now, what else...oh yeah, why is it that some people seem to think that every queen song has been written on the subject of Freddies death, Freddie being gay or Freddie having aids?! Get over it! 1. Not all queen songs were written by Freddie and 2. Unless Freddie had some kind of hidden power how could he possibly know he was going to have aids in the early years-think about it people!
    Katherine7486on April 27, 2003   Link
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    General CommentYou shuda wrote that in a more popular lyric thing! this isnt queens greatest song, maybe u shudda tried tie yourt mother down, noones wrote in that yet and its a way decent song!
    You heard cool cat with bowie in it true queen fan? its, hmmm, bizare!
    gmandi1708on July 04, 2003   Link
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    General CommentI have to agree with qmandi1708: all those great Queen songs, never been released as singles, and you pick this one? What were you thinking?
    Geek UKon April 17, 2004   Link
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    General Commentbecause only real queen fans would have heard this song and know enough about it to stop in and see what some one has to say, and i completely agree, some people are so stuck on the fact of the performer not his performances or any other underlying factors.
    Many times i've been questioned as to my sexuality because my favorite group is far and away Queen. While mortality does enter into alot of their early songs, its in a very cosmic way (the over all scheme of things, religiously). The final two albums definitely were autobiographical of the band in general, not just Freddie.

    But, this song i actually like this song alot, many of Queen's "staunch (or people who are so zealous that they hate anything that came out after Sheer Heart Attack)" and "radio(those who attend sporting events, and listen to "Absolutely 80s") listeners pass this album off as just commercially driven and crappy, i however enjoy it, its not my favorite, but there is alot of stuff here that is really good. Queen was so bold to try an effort like this at that time, KUDOS! we were rewarded with a new facet to the world's only monarch
    Italian Phaethonon May 23, 2004   Link
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    General Commentgeek uk...you are a loser uk so change your name. if you dont like this song why did you read the comments. good points are made here. shame some people (loser uk) are losers. what are they thinking?
    zoomon June 02, 2004   Link
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    General CommentWell, sir, you are an ass. So even if I was a loser I'm still one better than you. Who says I have to like a song to read the comments? As a matter of fact, I do like it, though only because of Freddie's vocal performance. I was only saying that there are better songs to comment on if you want to find real fans, even if it would take a real fan to know it. This is especially true if you define a real fan as "rather than just people who have heard the beat to a couple of songs at a sports event and think that they are Queen's biggest fan."
    Heck, almost any other song on Hot Space would have been better, save for Dancer and Body Language - too crap - and Under Pressure - too popular. Also, almost any song on Queen II, the lesser tracks on the Miracle (Rain Must Fall, Was It All Worth It? or Hang On In There) or perhaps the rest of News of the World after WWRY/WATC, but don't quote me on that one.

    Another thing, why are you flaming me and not gmandi1708 , who stated the point in the first place anyway?
    Geek UKon September 18, 2004   Link
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    General Commentooo, get you! i think the first person who commented and the italian one made a few good points and you seemed to disagree. plus why wouldnt someone choose this one to comment in.

    maybe they just choose a random song with no comments,

    maybe they like this song

    or maybe they just felt like it.
    zoomon March 22, 2005   Link
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    General Commenthmm, well this got a bit out of hand.

    To clear things up I decided to comment on Cool Cat as my nicknames Kat so I just thought Id pick it (yes I know its spelt differently) it was just a random comment, not even about cool cat. I was a little annoyed at some of the comments I was reading so I thought Id have a moan, didnt want to start an arguement or anything.

    The person who is gmandi1708 is actually my friend so i really doubt she was being mean making that comment, just another comment not to be taken too literally. as for geek_uk, i dont know them but i agree with most of your comments.

    Anyways, Im beginning to talk crap so...as fellow queen fans (if thats what zoom even is) then cant we all just learn to get along?
    Katherine7486on March 22, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis song is a cool jazz style number that proves again that Freddie could sing anything well. I am a true Queen fan. I have all of their cds, and I am attending "Breakthru 2006" in Cleveland Ohio in August. I have not been to anything like it before, but as a lifelong Queen fan I look forward to being around other real fans.
    akanawhaon March 18, 2006   Link
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    General Commenturrr... rite i c i am the onli person tryin 2 divulge into what this song is about lol. well its about a relationship, thats easy. well its about someone who thinks there all that n it drives him crazy cos he cant help but love them, even if they are over rated
    princess*delilahon November 10, 2006   Link

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