as i was driving aimlessly, a waking dream occurred to me. that everyone i knew had died that day. that my friends, co-workers, and loved ones, had all just suddenly passed away. well, there were drunken car crashes, airline disasters, and suicides that were unexplained. and as i drove past familiar scenes, streets and buildings were a hundred times seen. as a wave of contentment washed over me, i wondered what this could possibly mean. as the sun spilled its warmth over the houses and trees, i felt that i was finally free. but you know what they say. the world wasn't built in a day. you know what they say, the world wasn't built in a day (no way). i picked up some woman in the parking lot of the local safeway. well, i had seen her face a hundred times but i never knew her name. and as i drove her home she laughed and she sighed and the strain of the moment passed away. i explained how my father had dies, how i had seen his body and never cried. she let her hand fall on my leg and there she let it stray. when i dropped her off she asked me up, i politely said that i couldn't stay. and as she walked to the door, as those bags of groceries gently swayed, i turned the wheel and muttered to myself, "no way, man, no way" (chorus) sunset over the mountains and on the harbour that beneath them lay. in long shadows the traffic lights gleamed, red and green, they traced the way. through a corridor of sidewalks, where people wandered at the end of their day. i drove to my space on the waterfront, picked up my guitar and started to play. alone i sand for the people that i knew, for my friends and family, and for them i prayed. that no storm would come and sweep them up, that no winds would bear them away. i sand, "your voice from my throat cries, your heart beats in my chest. from he head stare your eyes, for you i live and die! this loneliness is a lie! this loneliness is a lie! (chorus) the streets were empty as i drove home, the air was cool and the sky was dark. streetlamps cast their mockery of light over ghostly shapes in an empty night. should i believe the things i see? am i in you? are you in me? what should i believe? tell me. what should i believe? at home, on the porch, the wind in the trees murmured a background for my waking dream. where i drive through a city with labyrinth streets, where no one walks, where no voices speak. where empty towers above me rise toward an empty starless sky. like a cold wind washing over me, i saw the meaning of this dream. i felt that i was finally free, i felt that i was finally free. (chorus) you lie before me sleeping, your eyes flutter in a dream. am i in you? are you in me? what should i believe? what should i believe? but you know what they say... you know what they say.

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The World Wasn't Built In A Day song meanings
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