Blackened is the end
Winter it will send
Throwing all you see
Into obscurity
Death of mother earth
Never a rebirth
Evolution's end
Never will it mend never

Fire to begin whipping dance of the dead
Blackened is the end
To begin whipping dance of the dead
Color our world blackened

Blistering of earth
Terminate its worth
Deadly nicotine
Kills what might have been
Callous frigid chill
Nothing left to kill
Never seen before
Breathing nevermore never

Fire to begin whipping dance of the dead
Blackened is the end
To begin whipping dance of the dead
Color our world blackened


Opposition, contradiction premonition compromise
Agitation violation mutilation, planet dies
Darkest color
Blistered earth
True death of life
Termination, expiration, cancellation, human race
Expectation, liberation, population, lay to waste
See our mother put to death
See our mother die

Smoldering decay
Take her breath away
Millions of our years
In minutes disappears
Darkening in vain
Decadence remains
All is said and done
Never is the sun never

Fire to begin whipping dance of the dead
Blackened is the end
To begin whipping dance of the dead
Fire is the outcome of hypocrisy
Darkest potency
In the exit of humanity
Color our world blackened

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Blackened Lyrics as written by Jason C. Newsted James Alan Hetfield

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Blackened song meanings
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    General CommentSimilar theme to "Fight Fire with Fire", It's about the end of the world caused by nuclear war. It's about how humans will cause the end of the world if we don't better ourselves.
    King Nothingon April 14, 2002   Link
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    General Commentwell, nuclear war seems to be one common interpretation of the song.

    however, there is also a second one. And thats the human race is slowly killing the planet with pollution, war, etc.

    The line "Never Seen Before, Breathing Nevermore" is about species that have gone instinct before we even noticed that they were there.

    Hence also the line "see our mother die" as in mother nature. and the words "planet dies" as in nature dies.

    just another interpretation of a kickass song
    ViciousMachineon October 11, 2004   Link
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    General CommentIt's definitely about the end of the world due to a nuclear war. "Winter it will send;" duh! Nuclear winter. "Death of mother earth;" it takes 300 years (i think) for the radiation to drop to a non-deadly state. Nobody will survive underground long enough to rebuild, hence "never a rebirth." I could continue breaking it down line by line, but I think we're all smart enough to figure it out (at least I hope so).
    SwiftImmortal_1on February 21, 2005   Link
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    General CommentNot global warming.
    “Millions of our years
    In minutes disappear.
    Must be nukes.

    Favorite lines -- when they bring back the chorus

    Fire ... is the outcome of hypocrisy
    Darkest potency
    In the exit of humanity

    Y’all done got me pumped up! AJFA goes into the minivan for tomorrow’s commute
    jackjimturkeyon June 20, 2007   Link
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    General CommentBy "Deadly Nicotine" I don't think it means nicotine, literally. Nicotine is a very addictive substance, so it is hinting that the human race has taken all the evils and violence, become to addicted to it much like nicotine, and will eventually kill us all.
    NuclearWinterMon November 03, 2009   Link
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    General CommentAgain, song meaning, rather obvious. This is another song that deals a crushing blow, there's just not really much to say except for DAYUM!!!! Fuckin' awesome!!!!!
    WorkerAnton April 10, 2004   Link
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    General CommentMaybe its about humanity killing itself, and that if we dont take care of the earth, were only going to end up killing every living thing on it
    "Darkest color, blistered earth"
    vagabond1987on April 05, 2005   Link
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    General CommentALLRIGHT!

    This song fucking ownz. I love the intro to the song, along with it's actual meaning.....which is touched upon in earlier posts...but never thouroughly here goes.

    The above posts talk about nuclear winter, apocalypse, and humans killing the Earth....who is right?
    The Answer: All of you.

    There is obvious evidence that points to thermonuclear weapons:
    'Blackened is the end
    Winter will it send...

    If anyone was ever a Nuclear weapons afficianado like I am, and if you have seen pictures of nuclear devastation, you will notice that human bodies are litterally charred 'blackened' due to the intense heat of a nuclear blast. Considering that the heat generated but a nuclear bomb compared to the surface temperature of the sun is greater by a factor of 100, blackened indeed is the end.'

    If you are familiar with the apocalyptic book 'Alas, Babylon', then the statement of an apocalypse caused directly by nuclear war is correct.

    Lastly, humans, by using nuclear weapons will indeed kill the earth and all carbon based life. Nuclear Fallout or Black Rain will saturate the atmosphere with deadly radiation. Other radioactive constituents would promote genetic mutation NOT on a natural level 'Evolutions end...Never will it mend'.
    The amount of particles in the air would most likely be in a great enough concentration to severely limit the heating effects of the sun, thus initiating nuclear winter.
    The desolation would kill virtually all life.

    Needless to say....a song that perhaps may not be far from the truth.. considering how things are going right now..
    Population lay to excellent verse.
    SO....we have nukes causing much apocalyptic havoc, which thus hitherfore kill the earth...which is already dying anyways.
    Good job human race, for being big dum-dums...
    Trinidadianon May 01, 2005   Link
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    General CommentSeriously? You guys hear the word nicotine and assume the song has to be about cigarettes? What about the words "planet dies"? "millions of our years in minutes disappears"? "never is the sun"? Cigarettes cause lung cancer and heart disease, not literal apocalypse. Get real people. They're just using nicotine as an analogy. Nicotine in a deadly toxic drug, but many people can't quit smoking because nicotine is also addictive. Nuclear weapons have more destructive power than anything humanity has ever created, but many people thought at the time that nuclear war is inevitable. Remember this was written during the Cold War. (Some people still say that as more countries get nuclear weapons nuclear war becomes more likely, so this song isn't really dated.)
    foolishgrunton May 31, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationI'm going to suggest something totally different here; well, the end result is similar, but I'm going to suggest a different cause for the beginning to the destruction. First of all, this album came out in '88 so this -is- entirely possible. I'm going to suggest that this song is about the movie Terminator (came out in '84) and that the song is essentially meant to be SkyNet singing the lyrics.

    Blackened Is the End
    Winter it Will Send
    Throwing All You See
    Into Obscurity

    Death of Mother Earth
    Never a Rebirth
    Evolution's End
    Never Will it Mend


    First of all, immediately as soon as SkyNet became self-aware, it launched nukes around the world in order to wipe out the vast majority of Humanity. So yes, it is about nuclear war, but nuclear war caused by AI. All the references to nuclear war/fallout refer to this, in my opinion. "Throwing all [we] see into obscurity" because nothing that humans have built will be relevant in the world SkyNet hopes to build. "Death of Mother Earth... Evolution's End", references to all -organic- life being extinguished.

    To Begin [with the] Dance of the Dead
    Blackened Is the End
    To Begin [with the] Dance of the Dead
    Color Our World Blackened

    There are also a few lyrics I disagree with for the next part... "To begin whipping Dance of the Dead" I think is "To begin -with the- Dance of the Dead" which makes a lot more sense. I think this part is referring to the way Humanity attempted to respond to the SkyNet crisis but was unable, the AI already seeing them as dead, would interpret their struggles as a "Dance of the Dead". "Colour -our- World Blackened", if everyone is dead whose world is it? It's SkyNet's and the robots so they've chosen to colour -their- world blackened with the nukes SkyNet set off at the start. Think about any time you see the future in Terminator, it's a totally black wasteland.

    [Blistering] of Earth
    Terminate its Worth
    Deadly Nicotine
    Kills What Might Have Been

    This part refers to Nuclear war again. I think "Bustering of Earth" is actually "Blistering of Earth" which also makes more sense since "Bustering" is not a word and it clearly refers to the intense heat of nuclear warfare "Blistering" the Earth. "Deadly Nicotine", I think either refers to the smoke from nuclear fallout, or perhaps it refers to how Humanity became addicted to robotics and couldn't live without them despite the possibility that they would kill us all, much like smoking it's a ticking timebomb, death is gonna come, it's just a matter of time.

    Callous Frigid Chill
    Nothing Left to Kill
    Never Seen Before
    Breathing Nevermore


    "Callous Frigid Chill", machines are cold and callous. "Nothing Left to Kill", everyone is dead. "Never Seen Before", machines are a new life form, thus 'never seen before'. "Breathing Nevermore", the only 'living' thing left on the planet are machines which don't need to breathe.

    To Begin Whipping Dance of the Dead
    Blackened Is the End
    To Begin Whipping Dance of the Dead
    Color Our World Blackened



    First part, same as above. The next part, when SkyNet became self-aware this is it's thought process. "Opposition...", refers to SkyNet's realizing that Humanity is it's true opposition, "Contradiction...", this realization contradicts it's original program which was to protect Humanity, "Premonition...", SkyNet realizes that Humanity will try to kill it if they realize what they created, "Compromise", after launching the nukes, SkyNet takes human slaves to build the terminator factories, creating a temporary compromise.

    Agitation...Violation...Mutilation...Planet Dies

    "Agitation...", refers to Humanity's response after the nuclear war, trying to fight back, "Violation...", the human slaves building terminator factories realize what they're doing and decide to rebel, SkyNet sees this as a violation of their treaty. "Mutilation...", to study humanity and be better able to kill them, SkyNet mutilates the human slaves in order to learn about Human anatomy. "Planet Dies", by now nuclear winter blocking out the sun has killed all the plants keeping the planet alive.

    Darkest Color
    Blistered [Up]
    True Death [Alive]

    “Darkest color/Blistered up”, here again I think the lyrics are wrong, “Blistered up” rather than “Blistered Earth”, refers to the fact that machines are dark and that they were “blistered up” from the charred earth because machines are made of metal and metal comes from underground. “True death alive”, rather than “True Death of Life” which makes more sense in a contextual sense and also for my interpretation because the terminators are “true death alive”.

    Termination....Expiration...Cancellation...Human Race
    Expectation...Liberation...Population...Lay to Waste

    “Termination... Expiration... Cancellation... Human Race”, a reference to the on-going war against Humanity, how their time on this Earth has “expired” according to SkyNet and how it would like to “cancel” the Human Race. “Expectation... Liberation... Population... [Laid] to Waste”, small lyric interpretation which makes more grammatical sense. This part refers to the Human slaves again, their expectation was that SkyNet would let them go after they did what it said, but instead they were “laid to waste”.

    See Our Mother
    Put to Death
    See Our Mother Die

    “See Our Mother”, Humanity is the mother of SkyNet, we gave birth to it. “Put to Death/See Our Mother Die”, SkyNet singing, referring to the way it put it's 'mother' to death.

    Smouldering Decay
    Take Her Breath Away
    Millions of [Her] Years
    In Minutes Disappears

    “Smouldering Decay/Take Her Breath Away”, Nuclear fallout and the lack of oxygen are choking Humanity, humans are still referenced as the “Mother” and so “her” is correct when referring to all of Humanity. “Millions of [her] Years/In Minutes Disappears””, another lyric change, also referring to Humanity as 'her', and “In Minutes Disappears”, refers to the loss of all civilization and history and evolution that Humanity has built over millions of years that was destroyed in the nuclear war.

    Darkening in Vain
    Decadence Remains
    All Is Said and Done
    Never Is the Sun


    “Darkening in Vain/Decadence Remains”, refers to the way SkyNet realizes it is still not perfect, it has darkened the Earth in vain in an attempt to save itself from Humanity, but in doing so has taken upon Humanity's decadence (By the way the meaning of Decadence is a deterioration, especially of morality or culture; decay; degeneration;) and so SkyNet's struggle to kill Humanity is in 'vain' because Humanity's values of war and murder are now a part of SkyNet. “All Is Said and Done/Never Is the Sun”, it's too late to save the Earth, the sun won't be seen for hundreds of years because of nuclear winter.

    To Begin [with the] Dance of the Dead
    Blackened Is the End
    To Begin [with the] Dance of the Dead

    Referring to nuclear war again, “Fire” either being the launching of the nukes (the order to fire) or the explosion afterwards.

    Is the Outcome of Hypocrisy
    Darkest Potency
    In the Exit of Humanity

    “Is the Outcome of Hypocrisy”, hypocrisy meaning professing a belief but not truly believing in it, and so 'fire is the outcome of hypocrisy' because Humanity was hypocritical to create a machine to 'defend' itself by giving it the capability of destroying everything. “Darkest Potency/In the Exit of Humanity”, potency definition: Inherent capacity for growth and development, the machines are the 'darkest potency' because machines and computers have an exponential capacity for growth and development compared to Humans and evolution which is known to have a geometric (rather than exponential) growth pattern.

    Color Our World Blackened


    “Colour Our World Blackened”, again another reference to nuclear war blackening the Earth.

    Well, that's my interpretation. You may not agree, but I think it fits the song perfectly and the timing (Album released in '88, Terminator released in '84) works too.
    Semper05on May 26, 2010   Link

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