Dealing out the agony within
Charging hard and no one’s gonna give in
Living on your knees, conformity
Or dying on your feet for honesty
Inbred, our bodies work as one
Bloody, but never cry submission
Following our instinct, not a trend
Go against the grain until the end

Blood will follow blood
Dying time is here
Damage, Incorporated

Slamming through, don’t fuck with razorback
Stepping out? You’ll feel our hell on your back
Blood follows blood and we make sure
Life ain’t for you and we’re the cure
Honesty is my only excuse
Try to rob us of it, but it’s no use
Steamroller action crushing all
Victim is your name and you shall fall

Blood will follow blood
Dying time is here
Damage, Incorporated

We chew and spit you out
We laugh, you scream and shout
All flee, with fear you run
You’ll know just where we come from

Damage, Incorporated

Damage jackals ripping right through you
Sight and smell of this, it gets me goin’
Know just how to get just what we want
Tear it from your soul in nightly hunt
Fuck it all and fucking no regrets
Never happy endings on these dark sets
All’s fair for Damage, Inc. you see
Step a little closer, if you please

Blood will follow blood
Dying time is here
Damage, Incorporated

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    General CommentThe album is thematic, with all the songs are about being under someone's–or something's control (with the possible exception of "Orion", which is an instrumental).

    Only a couple of those songs speak of rebelling against control, namely "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" and this song. So maybe "Damage Inc." is a kind of sequel to the earlier song. In "Sanitarium" the inmates have only started to rebel, while in "Damage, Inc." the rebellion is in full swing.

    I've always wondered what "razorback" and "damage jackals" referred to but maybe that also lends itself to my theory; i.e. "Razorback" and "Damage Jackal" could be nicknames (thus, not "damage jackals ripping..." but "Damage Jackal's ripping...".

    Just a wild guess, of course. I agree with the more general interpretations of this song too.
    MunkhiiManon March 11, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationWhen I was little, my dad told me the song was about some sort of a secret police service (the titular "Damage, Inc."), which make certain that the Orwellian society they inhabit remains controlled, and any individuals who might be inconvenient (too intelligent, aware, or calling for change) get "removed".

    The lyrics seem to back this up, with the second, third, and fourth verse blatantly stating that "Damage, Inc" is going to murder you if you "go against the grain".
    Furthermore, the first verse underlines the implicit choice that the "victims" have - of simply "living on their knees" in conformity, yet one they don't take, mandating "Damage, Inc."'s intervention, and paint a picture of quite literally pummelling someone to death.

    Seems to make a lot of sense. "A call for non-conformity"... hah! More like "try your best, sweetheart, and we'll beat the living daylights out of ya."
    TheRealLumoson November 04, 2017   Link
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    General CommentIt's the last song on Master Of Puppets, and I've always looked at it as a call of nonconformity to cut the strings of the puppet master.
    Turbo Speedon January 03, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think that, according to the whole album theme, lyrics focus on those corporations devoted to money profit exclusively, not regarding of workers rights, thoughts, health, or invading and submitting territories and their native people, with the "blessing" of local governments, such as it happened with multinational corporations in some cases.
    zandoron August 31, 2015   Link
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    MemoryAll I know is I have herniated disc's at 45 because of that song...seriously
    whosurwookieeon October 22, 2016   Link
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    General CommentThis song is simply about senseless violence and destruction.
    nemesison April 10, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThis song sounds to me is about how violence following more violence causes more destruction and damage. HEnce, the name "Damage Inc."
    Mheadon August 02, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI think it is about endless loss of life as in a war. Very good song though watever it's about
    FoRwHoMtHeBeLlToLlSon June 22, 2004   Link
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    General CommentOpinions are like asses... everybodys got one and they all stink!
    DELLshellon October 20, 2004   Link
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    General Commentkill yourselves.

    the song for me is about fighting for what you believe in. it's liberating and empowering. it's about being an individual... and not posting stupid generic comments that highlight the most literal meaning of a song that you don't understand.
    Metalupyourasson November 30, 2004   Link

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