Back at the house, a bottle is found
And opened in honour of those who have drowned
While we who have not are stricken with guilt
And dutifully see that not one drop is spilt
We're drinking to life, we're drinking to death
We're drinking 'til none of our livers are left
We're wending our way down to the spirit store
We'll drink till we just can't drink anymore

Raise your glasses high
Drink the cellar dry

Well, bloody my nose and blacken my eye
If it ain't some young Turk in search of a fight
And chanticleer's chest is sagging with pride
For honour has yet to be satisfied
Well, Heaven be thanked we live in an age
When no man need bother, except on the stage
With "Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori"
And definitely not tonight

I can still remember when I was just a kid
I was free to do what I wanted to
But I never, ever did.

So now with years of discretion reached
May we not forget...
"Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité"
For there's life in the Old World yet!

There'll always be an England
An Ireland and a France
A Liechtenstein and Finland
And we have only one chance

Earnest young man with an unhealthy tan
Puts a drink in my hand and says
"I understand...
You're in search of the place
To continue the chase
Of the heavenly taste
I suggest in that case
You all come with me
To my place by the sea
Where the glasses shall be
Overflowing with free
Alcoholic delights
And free love if you like
For what point has this life
If you can't realise Your dreams?"

Oh, raise your glasses high
And drink the town dry

We'll drink beyond
The boundaries of sense
We'll drink 'til we start to see
Lovely pink elephants
Inside our heads
Inside our beds
Inside the threads
Of our pyjama legs
So don't shoot til you see
The reds of our eyes
And an army of elephants
Marching behind
From the day I was born
Till the night I will die
All my lovers will be pink
And elephantine!

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    Raise your glasses high indeed! Pure fun! Why does nobody post for the Divine Comedy? Neil is a wonderful musician and lyricist.

    monkfluenceon May 25, 2006   Link
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    Great song. & i agree with Neil being a wonderful musician, he has a great voice and can tell a story well.

    Elviaon February 29, 2008   Link
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    This song is made for being sung, loudly, on the street when walking home late at night. All my lovers shall be pink, and elephantine!

    liquorandiceon October 19, 2009   Link

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