Silver couches to recline upon
And ornaments of gold
Silver moonbeams dance in fountains
Below shining citadels

Surrounded by silver gates ascending silver stairs
Eureka on angelic prayer wafts in and scents the air
With ornaments of gold
To warm my soul from the growing cold
Ornaments of gold

We can drink from silver vessels
We can feed from silver bowls
Then I'll give you gilded treasures
Anointed by intoxicating oils

Drenched in riches unimaginable
Your splendor drips with jewels that are so beautiful
And ornaments of gold
Warm my soul from the growing cold

Adorable, rewardable you
From head to toe, I'd love to cover you
And smother you in ornaments of gold
In honeydew, I'd love to cover you

Oh lover do bring
Ornaments of gold
Protect our hearts from this cruel world
Ornaments of gold
Ornaments of gold

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Ornaments of Gold Lyrics as written by Steven Bailey Peter Clarke


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    It's a passage taken from the Koran. "But for fear that all mankind would have become a single people of unbelievers, verily we would certainly have given to those who believe not in the God of Mercy roofs of silver to their houses, and silver stairs to ascend by; And doors of silver to their houses, and couches of silver to recline on; And ORNAMENTS OF GOLD"
    Jimmy2345on May 27, 2008   Link
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    SIOUXSIE: "Eureka's a big part of it, I love that film. That song's about imagining adornment, intoxication. I wish people were more exotic with one another. I was flicking through The Koran, a book there called Ornaments Of Gold, saying "Don't look for riches on earth, you'll get them in Heaven", which is just keeping people who've got nothing content. The song is saying why not have both!" Source: NME 1988.
    JJKelsallon December 01, 2012   Link
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    The futility of materialism- even the ideal, poetic edge of materialism- its lovely, empty.
    xianificenton July 11, 2007   Link
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    A great example of how a Banshees song means the opposite of what it seems to. On the surface a song about how material things make life better but the references to the Koran show how it means exactly not that. A beautiful song and the Banshees at their best.
    skimbynimbobbingtonon July 07, 2008   Link
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    General Comment
    Like what Jimmy2345 said, this whole song references the passage he quoted from the Koran. This song is the opposite of what it seems, because it shows the emptiness of materialism and how for materialistic people, their true love lies within 'precious' material goods rather than anything of human or philosophical value: "And ornaments of gold Warm my soul from the growing cold" Like here, she indicates that gold gives her more comfort and love than the actual and real love of another (human) also, I am not inferring by 'she' that Siouxsie is materialistic.). Like a lot of her other works, this song is sarcastic and satirical.
    BonjourLaFilleon December 22, 2010   Link

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