Well there's a dreamer in my dreams
Swinging from the beams
With light shining off the snow

Well there's a singer in my heart
Burning up my charts
With songs about things we all know

Well there's a blister on his brain
That's driving him insane
Cause all good things they gotta go

Well there's a child on the way
It could be any day
But how this life will change him
That we don't know

Well there's a child on the way
Gonna look just like him
One day, he's gonna say
"Ain't you my dad?"

Then he's gonna look down and smile
And after a while, he'll say,
"That's for sure, cause you got my eyes."

Well there's a dreamer in my dreams,
He's hanging from the beams
With a light shining off the snow

There's a blister on his brain
It's driving him insane
And all good things have to go

There's a dreamer in my dreams
Swinging from the beams
With a light shining off the lake

Well I know I've made mistakes
I'm passing them on
But I hope he gets up before dawn

(Yeah, that's it)

There's a dreamer in my dreams
Climbing up the back
Of a car they used to call a Cadillac

It's got a brand new set of keys
It's got a new look, it's got a new look
And he's gonna, he's gonna take it all the way

(I'm leaving)

There's a dreamer in my dreams
Swinging from the beams
All jacked up in my garage

He's hanging from a belt
He don't know what he's done
Just don't forget to say goodbye when he's gone

(That's it!)

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Dreamer in My Dreams Lyrics as written by Jeffrey Scott Tweedy Jeff Tweedy

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    General CommentNo offense, but you all are being waaaay too literal. This song is more abstract (and very self-referential).

    This song is about the sort of "identity crisis" that the band had been going through since the breakup of Uncle Tupelo and is the PERFECT summation of this album. On A.M., the band went full-blow with their alternative country roots, and to this day A.M. is Jeff's least favorite Wilco album (he's said that the band was simply "treading water with a perceived audience."). On Being There, the band offered up a double album that was pretty much half rocking alt-country fare (e.g. Monday, Someday Soon) and half something else entirely, something deeper, darker, more abstract, and more about the feeling it invokes in the listener (e.g. Sunken Treasure) rather than something that's just straightforward and fun. I'm guessing that's why Jeff was so adamant that this album be released as a double album and refused to edit it down at all; the band was going through a major transition and Jeff wanted us all to see it, every step of the way.

    To me, this song is about how Jeff had a "dreamer in his dreams" that just wanted to make simple, hit music that was fun, that everyone could relate to, and made money. But that dreamer just had something else on his mind that he just couldn't part with, a yearning to be something more as an artist, and it ended up giving birth to a new form of music entirely for the band, something much deeper and more artistic. It still resembles the rip-roaring alternative country roots of the band, but is something more.

    The most beautiful thing about this song to me is how its sound is almost exactly the fun, rocking anthem that the dreamer always dreamed of making, but when examined further is something much more: a reflection of the creative process the band was going through. Making it all the more beautiful and symbolic is the imagery of the dreamer swinging from the beams at the beginning in a good way, partying and having fun, while by the end of the song, the dreamer is swinging from the beams after killing himself, doubting his own decision all the way.

    By far my favorite Wilco song, if not favorite song by anyone. There couldn't have been a better way to close the door on the early stages of the band's music and open the door to the darker, more self-reflective Summerteeth and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.
    Goofon December 20, 2010   Link

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