That big eight-wheeler runnin' down the track
Mean your true lovin' daddy ain't comin' back
'Cause he's movin' on, he's rollin' on
You were flyin' too high for my little old sky
So I'm movin' on

But some day, baby, when you've had your play
Your gonna want your daddy, but your daddy will say
Keep movin' on, keep rollin' on
You were flyin' too high for my little old sky
So I'm movin' on move on, baby

Mr. Fireman, won't you, please, listen to me?
'Cause I gotta pretty momma in Tennessee
To keep rollin' on, keep movin' on
Please, listen to me let this rattler free
Keep movin' on move on, son, move on

Well, I told you, baby, from time to time
But you just wouldn't listen or pay me no mind
And now I'm movin' on I'm rollin' on
I'm through with you too bad you're blue
But I'm movin' on move on, baby, move on

I said, "Move on" I said, "Move on"
I said, "Move on" I said, "Move on"
I said, "Move on" I said, "Move on"
Well, I'm through with you too bad you're blue
I said, "Move on"

I said, "Move on" I said, "Move on"
I said, "Move on" I said, "Move on"
I'm through with you, but too bad you're blue
I said, "Move on"

Hey, hey, hey, move on I said, "Move on"
Hey, hey, I said, "Move on" I said, "Move on"
I'm through with you, but too bad you're blue
I said, "Move on, move on, move on"

I said, "Move on" I said, "Move on"
I said, "Move on" I said, "Move on"

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I'm Movin' On Lyrics as written by Hank Snow

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