Peace my Nubian brothers (Peace)
Ayyo knowledge this, we came here to do one thing
And this is what we gonna do

We gonna drop the bomb (Drop the bomb)
We gonna drop the bomb (Drop the bomb)
We gonna drop the bomb (Drop the bomb)
We come to drop the bomb (Drop the bomb)

We gonna drop the bomb on the Yakub crew
(Drop the bomb, drop the bomb)
We gonna drop the bomb on the Cave-Man crew
(Drop the bomb, drop the bomb)
We gonna drop the bomb on the Ignorance crew
(Drop the bomb, drop the bomb)
We gonna drop the bomb 'cause that's what we come to do
(Drop the bomb, drop the bomb)

Well I build like a mason, facin' the East
Brought West, to the belly of the beast
Pro-test, because this land ain't just
I seek equality and freedom is a must
Now if understand is understood well that's good
On equal planes we can bring forth gain
Rise the dead, from the graves of slaves
Fly the head, of the men in the caves
Try instead, to unify with our own plan
Why do we fear, the devil now that he's a grown man
'Cause he bought you, taught you how to eat the wrong food
But now it's time for fasting
Life everlasting, offer thy I-self
Lord and master and all things in my circumference
Lord Jamar makes a difference
I have no tolerance for black ignorance
I keep striving, driving 'cause I'm driven
By the course of Allah, the true and living
Cream of the planet earth God of the universe
The first soul, black like coal
That's how old, there's no set birth record
The devil couldn't check it even if he wants to check it
The Nubians wreck it, all will respect it
So I think we'll go ahead with Knowledge Knowledge

What I provide will collide with devilish ways of thinking
Erasing false facts that started, with Abe Lincoln
Being great, used his weight, and freed the slaves
But did he free us?
Take a look around
At the black man, see us
Illiteracy rules, they showin' cartoons in school
They're way understaffed, and I don't understand the math
Now the way the system works the black man can get the purchase
Drop the family, it neutralizes many
Like wards of the state, doin' one to ten in Dan Amora
The welfare system can create a black horror
Now some people need the money but others, they can manage
By doin' this they take away the cats who disadvantaged
And the long list grows, more dependency bodes
This creates a cycle but a cipher unequal
This is the wrong circle that contains the black people
Now the way devil got us is the way the devil want it
He try to hold us back and he overly floss it
This ain't even his land the Indians was here first
The savagery displayed made the red man disperse
I'm out to squash the whitewashed brainwashed line of thought
I got a million books and a school in the fort
In the Rule, with three great teachers
God Sincere made it clear is also a great feature
So beware devil man the days of purge is almost over
The army's on the range, you think it's kind of strange
Nubians is in the picture, Armageddon's gonna hit ya

Well here I go from the tippy so those who want to flow
Let's go, steppin' in stride as I move with pride
Blind deaf and dumb the God Haji's here to guide
Follow me now children
For wisdom, I always seem to give a conniption
Unlike a pimp, I'm more like an Egyptian
Straight to the Kingdom is where I bring them
And I school 'em, Now Rule is where I rule 'em
He Allah, God Islam, now act
But let me slow down 'cause Eighty-Fives can't get with that
It's Haji, helpful to another God in need
(Word is bond) True indeed
The devil is the one who dare not to knight us
Brought forth the plan on how to divide us
Jamaicans, Christians eatin' bacon, when I greet my brothers
I say, "Asalaam alaikum"
So I, strive to my duty for the better of the black man
Everywhere you look the black man is on the map and
Here comes a Nubian to give a hand and feed a land
When I drop my bomb it's headin straight for the colored man
Known as Asiatic confrontation causes static
Might I add, I sincerely love Allah's Mathematic
So let's move on, the mental of the black man has been taught
I feel it's my Justice Cypher Bond to keep on
I come to reach one
Each one teach one, so here I come to the drum
Pull it back one time, pull it back
'Cause see the purpose of me comin'
Is to give a third eye to the blind
For years we fought, the blind's been taught, the chains in thought
But this time, black man we're takin' no shorts
Can't be used as a tool, nor as a slave
Here comes the God to send the devil right back to his cave
So Uncle Tom just be alarmed 'cause it's time to

(Drop the bomb, drop the bomb)

(Drop the bomb, drop the bomb)

(Drop the bomb, drop the bomb)

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"Drop the Bomb" as written by Lorenzo Dechalus Derek Murphy

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