[Too $hort]
That's all I do is talk shit, no doubt
Yeah I got my nigga B-Legit in the house
Bad Ass Anthony Banks, doin "Big Thangs"
$hort Dog, always representin, always talkin shit, big shit
(That's what we do)

[Ant Banks]
It's been about 15 long years, mackin, profilin
Workin up in the booth off some top shelf Long Islands
The big Bad Ass in this motherfucker, see y'all niggaz know the half
Still representin the O, homey the Eastside, nigga 100th Ave.
Unfuckwittable, see all we bust is rhymes and nuts
Oh yeah you'd probably be fuckin wit them
But nigga you'd never be fuckin wit us
Me, $hort Dog and B-Legit; see first of all homey we the shit
And all that other nonsense you other niggaz pop is irrelevant

I rock the shit that's hot but got the ice to cool it down
In the town when I screw around nonbelievers layin down
Still activated but low, I'm seldom seen
with light green and other things that glow, man whattup doe?
(?), take no marine time (?)
Then I mack a straight dimepiece
Have her name on everything that a nigga lease, a savage
I keeps the deeds pink slips and cabbage, silly rabbit

[Too $hort]
Bitch what you thought?
Diss a once a month funky cockbleedin bitch, you gets NOTHIN, yeah!

[Chorus: Too $hort]
You know I kept talkin shit
Motherfuck you damn shithead bitch!
Fuck you, you stupid ho
Tell me just what you know
You know I kept talkin shit
Motherfuck you damn shithead bitch!
I talk the shit 'til I'm old
So motherfucker you bitch god damn asshole

[Too $hort]
I talk big shit, big spit
I do it on the microphone and get rich
Bitch I'm so god damn motherfuckin cool
See me and you drool like you're nothin but a fool
Ridin down the strip with B-Legit and Big Ant
Drinkin big gin, smokin big plants
My nigga big Bad Ass and B-Lah do it big
Drink the whole bottle bitch and give you a swig
But don't take it personal, that's just how we kick it
Pull out a big dick quick and make you lick it
And after you finish, make sure you do my nigga
Swallow all the cum bitch, and then you get a swigga
Somethin that'll quench yo' motherfuckin thirst, head first
Talk about yo' ass in a verse
What's worse, if I put yo' name in a rap
or get all in yo' face while I snap, bitch?

Oh you hoes better watch what you doin
Cause niggaz 'round here, we talk bad about bitches, f'real

[Chorus: Too $hort]
You know I kept talkin shit
Motherfuck you damn shithead bitch!
So much game, when I'm (?) tuck
I make a bitch po' who never suck
You know I kept talkin shit
Motherfuck you damn shithead bitch!
So check it out, freak nasty
You think you're fine but you look like Lassie beitch!

I bust a bad bitch daily afternoons
Stop by hair saloons, and make the sad bitch pay me
180, in the middle lane, I pop bottles
Expensive models, do they damn thang
Claim they got a little game, it ain't strange
to live tucked away, with no sidewalks, so bitch stay the fuck away
And you can go play, with yo' momma or somethin
Far as drama or somethin you punk nuttin

[Ant Banks]
We got top notches, so holla when you see 'em
We keep our hoes on display at the pimp museum
We sport fly-ass suits, ain't gotta rent no tux
We mack bitches everyday, they yellin Pimps'R'Us
Now we frequently heard but seldom seen
Always makin these hoes fulfill our dreams
We keep bitches on they toes, you know they need it
And niggaz be still spit this ol' shit cause we O.G.'d it

[Too $hort]
Yeah man, big shit, that's what we talkin
Puttin hoes in headlocks nigga

[Chorus: Too $hort]
You know I kept talkin shit
Motherfuck you damn shithead bitch!
I just laugh, over and over
When a bitch drink sperm like it's a soda
You know I kept talkin shit
Motherfuck you damn shithead bitch!
A straight start demon, whoops I missed
Get back bitch we'll never kiss

You know I kept talkin shit
Motherfuck you damn shithead bitch!
I'm that nigga you'll answer too
If I say bitch jump that's what you'll do
You know I kept talkin shit
Motherfuck you damn shithead bitch!
I'm Too $hort baby, way too cold
Motherfuckin shit, god damn asshole!

[Too $hort]
Stupid ho
Tell me just what you know
I'm talkin shit 'til I'm old
So motherfuck you bitch god damn asshole
Beitch, fuck you - bitch!

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