Yeah, we balling baby
(As we proceed to give you what we need) that's right
Oh you don't know, we gonna tell you how it is

When you living the good life, good life
Everything is tight, money right
Everybody want to be by you're side, trying to ride
Such a good life, good life
When you living the good life, good life
Everything is tight, money right
Everybody want to be by you're side, trying to ride
Such a good life, good life

You thought it was a fad, you really can't understand rap
How these young players come up and live fat
Big houses, cars, watch the homies bubble
Do a lot of good but can't stay out of trouble
They call you balls cause he's the president,
He bought a lot of stuff you could never get
Take us to the game you want to see my bus,
But all the little kids want to be like us
When they get home, and turn the TV on,
Its Too $hort baby on the microphone
I see a lot of styles when I'm watching videos
Looking at the background talking at the hoes
Then they are and be cats incorporated rap into their program
(What happened to the slow jams)
We dropping platinum, number one, bitch, that's how its done


Lil homie went to school everyday, knew what he wanted
Want trying to be a thug want trying to get blunted
It was all a dream, but there's certain things
You gotta do, like do good in school
His best friend wouldn't listen didn't make good grades
Coach kicked him off the team wouldn't let 'em play
So he stopped going to school and started hangin' with some g's
Drinkin' beer and smoking weed
Two years later one went to college quick he got a basketball scholarship
His homeboy was in the hood one day got arrested
Took him to the pen they say he got molested
Jealous cause his old friend took the right path
Watching ESPN I saw him in the draft
Now he got a V-12 sittin' on dubs, that's how it is when ya what


She used to be a nerd on the honor roll
A four eye conesour, books kinda short on looks
A latch key kid, best friend was her computer
In high school nobody wanted to do her
When she graduated from college she got paid
Got a good job, now she got it made
Gots some contacts, and let her hair down
She gots the legs and the walk that'll make you stare her down
You better get you're shit together you running out of time
Something on your mind, you need to stop lyin'
You ain't balling like her you can't get into the party
Out in Beverly hills trying flip a Ferrari
Butcha credit ain't cool and you got declined
He said "you're welcome" and "But to come back anytime"
But me, I'm spending cash for this bitch
And that's just the way it is


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Good Life Lyrics as written by Todd Shaw Phalon Alexander

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