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The Moldy Peaches – Goodbye Song Lyrics 16 years ago
woo-hoo! I got seriously boggled and eventually gave up in trying decipher the two. My mind can rest at ease now. Thank you, you are a star.

Gay Dad – To Earth With Love Lyrics 16 years ago
muah!!! thank you, people were thinking I imagined gay dad up... this song is simply brill'

Placebo – My Sweet Prince Lyrics 16 years ago
This song takes me back to a side of myself I would otherwise have burried and forgotten about. Maybe a little more than anything else by placebo, this song seems more complacent to me, regardless of whether it was written about Heroin or not.

Led Zeppelin – Dazed and Confused Lyrics 16 years ago
Is it just me or does Plant seem to get off on Pages whaling guitar around about 2 minutes into the song. This song seeps into every part of my being.. simply hypnotic.

Led Zeppelin – Babe I'm Gonna Leave You Lyrics 16 years ago
lol... where in the world did you hear that? Whether its Joan Baez inspired or not, its a touching song. An all time fav. of mine.

The Bluetones – After Hours Lyrics 16 years ago
Wooo-hoo!!!! I love The Bluetones. They have to be the most under-rated performing artists EVER. I love the video to this.. its just too cutesque'

I Am Kloot – Twist Lyrics 16 years ago
Its the chorus that does it for me "there's blood on your legs.. I love you" also "twist, snap.. I love you" it's just so raw. Bit of an erie song, sung oh so elegantly.

I Am Kloot – No Fear Of Falling Lyrics 16 years ago
:) my comfort song.

Jack Off Jill – Strawberry Gashes Lyrics 16 years ago
Beautiful........ perfect........ lyrically a master piece. Vocally angelic..

All around, FUCK YEAH!

Jack Off Jill – Angels Fuck Lyrics 16 years ago
JOJ split up some time ago, did't they?.. or did I just imagine that up?

bah.......I don't know, kids. Its been a long day.

Just wanted to say this song hums between my thighs.

Jack Off Jill – Everything's Brown Lyrics 16 years ago
..... mmmmyeah!

I try not to hold grudges but there is the exception of my ex-lover. If only I can carve the words from this song onto his heart.. I'd be a happy woman.

Resentment is a waste of time, redemption carries all the glory... its so cheap, and I feel ashamed of myself but to know he still craves me makes me feel so much bigger than him.

Nine Inch Nails – Hurt Lyrics 16 years ago
This song touches just about every shred of insecurity a person can have..... every line is done with precision & depth, exposing the rawest of emotions.

Needless say to say I love the fucking song. It’s the most cathartic song I have come across, I break down every time I hear it.

And LoopyDiapermouth is right. The song speaks of using a drug to mutilate the mind, but he can’t because in reality he has surpassed it. There is no hiding his next-to-death state of being.

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