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Led Zeppelin – Dazed and Confused Lyrics 1 year ago
I believe the song is about a woman who enjoys playing games and using deception/manipulation and other cover-up techniques in a relationship. Maybe most of the guys she's used to dating are either suckers who are too blind to see past her bullshti and games, or complete assholes with whom she probably only wants sex.

This one (the singer), however, seems to genuinely love her, but she's probably not very used to that, and so chooses to punish him in the same way she deals with other asshole men (assuming he's the same, when he probably isn't).

"Wanted a woman never bargained for you"

He really liked her, she did not see her in a materialistic or possessive way.

"Lots of people talk and few of them know
Soul of a woman was created below, yeah"

She might be a social butterfly, with a lot of superficial connections, but no one really knows her or "gets" her.
Also, her TRUE SELF, "the soul created down below", is who she really is, but I think she hates that side of herself, and chooses instead to be a mask. The singer, however, somehow sees past that unto who she really is, a person too detached from her true self, from her soul who is still deep down below.

"You hurt and abused tellin' all of your lies
Run around sweet baby, Lord how they hypnotize
Sweet little baby I don't know where you've been
Gonna love you baby, here I come again"

He knows that she is a woman who has definitely been through a lot of pain and misery, but, unfortunately, precisely because of that, she chooses to hide herself from the world, and be something else instead, a literal figure of bullshit, an empty shell with nothing except pain inside of it.

He knows this, and he also knows that's why she's false and perhaps even a little hostile, and is trying his best to take that into account because he loves her, he wishes to be with her all the same.

"Every day I work so hard
Bringin' home my hard earned pay
Try to love you baby, but you push me away"

He does his best to prove he is worthy of her, his love and devotion for her, but, somehow, that scares her, and so she pushes him away, hurting him in the process.

"Don't know where you're goin'
Only know just where you've been
Sweet little baby, I want you again"

He is unaware of her current whereabouts, he only knows the hell she comes from, and the horrors she might have lived in the past. He really wants to be with her.

"Take it easy baby, let them say what they will
Will your tongue wag so much when I send you the bill"

Because she's a social butterfly, she's probably very receptive to the opinions of others, and somewhat suggestible precisely because of that.
He's trying to tell her to calm down, because none of that really matters.

The last sentence is curious. I think that in the final verse the singer no longer feels the same as in the beginning of the song, and only seeks to make a clean departure from everything. However, he knows that she probably won't like it very much once he sends her the bill of all the fuck-ups she's been doing in the relationship this entire time, before he leaves her.

She is a disentegrated essence of pain, hidden behind a shallowed, empty mask, that comes from a world of abuse, and she has no way of being true. Once the singer truly realized this, he leaves her.

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