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Breaking Benjamin – The Diary of Jane Lyrics 10 months ago
@[longsuffering:24042] my English is bad. Not my first language lol. I meant to say my friend at school told me she thinks it's about a guy who broke in "Jane's home" to read Jane's diary. Who is Jane? I don't know. lol none of us know. My review makes it seem like something else. Ooops. Sorry. Like I said, my friends think it's about someone being obsessed and desperate. Sorry!

Breaking Benjamin – Sooner or Later Lyrics 1 year ago
She's immature and wants to just have fun. He wants a normal life and have her as something more. The music video shows her taking a cab and getting away. He loves her and he knows she's throwing her life away by walking out on him. "Just call my name. You'll be okay." I think he's being the bigger man and even though they are over, he wants to still be there when she's in trouble.

"Throw out life away"
He saw them having a future and working out because they were very im tune with each other.

Breaking Benjamin – Lie To Me Lyrics 1 year ago

As fast as I run
Could you catch me for once
It's the last time I learn my lesson the hard way
---> The girl he was seeing disappointed him. It sounds like he walked in on her cheating on him or broke his heart somehow and he learned the hard way that she doesn't love him as much as he wants her to. They have an unsteady relationship because he wants her to "catch him for once" meaning they break up a lot but he's the bigger man who puts aside his dignity and is always the one crawling back to her. She messed up, so he wants her for the first time to be the one to chase after him.

Because you lie
Because I just love to hate you
Because you lie to me

She lied to him but something about her makes him still love her. It's bitter sweet for him. He loves her but hates her but loves hating her.

It's such a heartfelt song. I love it.

Breaking Benjamin – The Great Divide Lyrics 1 year ago
He loves someone enough to wait for them before crossing over to heaven. He'll keep their faith alive and pray for them. The person he's referring to believes in God but somehow fell off the track ("And I'll keep your faith alive") The person he's talking to no longer believes in the things they used to, probably because they've been lost in the dark or living a life of bad decisions. It doesn't make them a bad person, just that they're making bad choices.

And I'll stay for you
As we cross the great divide--->>>
He'll stay left behind or in limbo until they can both cross over together.

He's very devoted to his loved one. Beautiful song!

Breaking Benjamin – Hollow Lyrics 1 year ago
The song to me is about a relationship with a lot of conflict. The girl wants to run from all the troubles the relationship causes but the guy wants her to stay and try.

Close your eyes
Drive away the cloud that hides the light
And leave the pain behind
Dead alive
Find a way to bury all the lies
Escape the pain inside
‘Cause I don’t want to fall
Or let you go

To me, I feel like he's saying... let go of what's bothering you, just find a way, because I don't want you to leave me and I don't want to have to let you go

Love left me hollow
I’m with you in the end
Cold, crippled, and shallow
Don’t leave me here again
I can’t go on
You are bound to break me in
I come undone
Don’t you drag me down again

Then I feel like he's being firm with the girl and almost treating her like property. I picture him pointing his finger and firmly telling her "don't leave me here again". He also goes to tell her she was bringing him down and he tells her basically to not drag him down or do that again.

"I come undone" ---> it's like him telling her she drives him crazy. When you really love someone you do some crazy stuff for them and when things aren't working out the way you want them to, it drives you nuts and pisses you off, hence you come undone. And he's hollow without her... but he'll always be there for her. "I’m with you in the end"

Breaking Benjamin – Breaking The Silence Lyrics 1 year ago
I'm breaking the silence I'm falling apart for you ---> I think this whole song is directed to a woman. They're over and through with their relationship or maybe she was just a friend that he never got the chance to really be with. He's falling apart over this person and what they've done to him. His feelings and everything he wanted is so intense that it's making him suffer. It was real love to him, or could have been. He chasing things in life that makes him feel closer or more relatable to her; like the practice of being a good person "chasing the righteous"

Fake plastic life, full of wasted years
The lost inside, diabolic fear
I feel no fault for the fault I feel
Hope drains this world, but it won't drain me ---->
It brushes on how people are fake and being fake can wear you out but he's not going to go down like the rest and have hope drain him.

His tone expresses much of the song's meaning. He's angry over something his loved one did... I think....

Ultimately... I feel like he's saying he's not going to be worn out with all the faking he has to do in order to keep the one he loves but he kind of contradicts himself and really is close to breaking down he shouts, "run."

I think most people have tried to seem like they're something they're not in their life when you meet someone who you love and really want things to work out with... so you try to be what they like and what they're into so you can keep them happy or just so you get to be their "perfect" guy. To me, that's sort of what the song is about. But he's frustrated.

I could be way off.

Breaking Benjamin – Bury Me Alive Lyrics 1 year ago
I think "Bury me alive" <--- that line alone means look I'm going through so much pain you might as well place me in my coffin alive and bury me because it can't get much worse than this. This is rock bottom for me.

"All will change and calcify" <--- my life is crap right now but life will change for me. Eventually I'm not even going to care about any of this.

"I will break and watch you crawl" I think she messes up in life a lot. He's trying to leave her in the past and move on but he will cave in and watch her mess her life up. It bothers him that she is so careless about her actions but maybe he also gets a sick pleasure from seeing her down? You love someone so much that when you feel betrayed by them, you hate them.... but deep down you really do love them more than anything.

The song is sung in such a dark "I'm a villain tone" so maybe she got him mad over her mistakes and also for leaving him.

I love it.

Breaking Benjamin – Forget It Lyrics 1 year ago
All he wanted was for them to work out and have everything that a solid relationship has; kids, marriage, etc. He says forget it softly and passively like he's disappointed with how things turned out. Kind of like saying nevermind.

But he's also telling her;
you made me fall in love with you and it's okay. I love loving you but at times I don't want to see myself and how crazy you make me.

Mid-song he talks about what might come to be... like he sees a glimmer of hope through it all

Never mind, forget it, just memories
On a page inside a spiral notebook --->
He changes his mind as is like okay, nevermind I'll just stay as a page inside your notebook and nothing more to you than past scribbles about your life and the guys you dated.

In the end he wants to live in his memories. He loved the time when he was hers and she truly loved him and vice versa.

Breaking Benjamin – Close to Heaven Lyrics 1 year ago
He won't abandon the one he loves but he's well aware of the fact that if he holds onto his love for her forever, he'll be hated by her "unforgiven". She's out of his life, and he's refusing to let go and is saying, no I'll always be here and I'll always love you. Maybe he thinks that even God considers it a sin because he's with someone else and she's with someone else, but he still lusts and desires her, thus making him stay "unforgiven".

"And I'll keep love together." - Maybe he feels like she still loves him and that's why he feels the need to be the bad guy and hold onto the love, until she caves in and starts loving him back. Like I know you love me, I'm showing you after all this time I've always loved you and still do, now show me you still love me. Lol. Hope that's not too confusing for anyone.

He's being stubborn. He's like, babe even when you die you're still mine and I'm going to love you even then.

---> release me my love--> she's asking for him to stop it and let her go. Like saying please stop loving me and let me move on.

Or maybe there was a suicide pact (which I doubt) and she wants him to kill her "release me" to end her pain. I'm coming home--> is when he kills himself to be with her after she's dead. Idk. My mind is odd and I look into things.

I don't see it as tragic song about love that can't be... but more of a romantic song of love that should be. She's stubborn and won't let him in and he's stubborn and won't let her go. Cute.

Breaking Benjamin – Ashes of Eden Lyrics 1 year ago
It could be about soul mates and the video makes me believe it is.


It could also be religious in a way, asking if God has been the one guiding him to the right path and people for his greater purpose. He wonders if you do exist, and have been watching me all this time, then why can't I see or feel you? It's like acknowledging okay, I've been blessed in life but I've also gone through so much and it's hard for me to believe in something I can't see, but you are out there right?

Either meaning, it's still a beautiful song.

Breaking Benjamin – Never Again Lyrics 1 year ago
It's like promising to never fall back into old habits or something that was killing you in the past but also asking to be remembered. Moving on but not totally forgotten.

-I bleed for you--> shows he cares about whoever he is directing the lyrics to. It's a tender way to say I see that you're in pain or had a lot of pain and it hurt me too but I'm here for you and I completely understand what you're going through. It could even mean because I feel your pain and it really hurts me. While you're emotionally unavailable, I bleed and feel all the things you don't.

-save a space inside for me---> he's asking them to still hold on to him, even if life takes them down separate paths. You reserve a special place in your heart for those you love dearly; best friends, good friends, family, and sometimes an ex (If they were someone important in your life who added significant meaning and changed you or your life in a way that made you grateful to have known them)

-Never again---> I won't surrender to my weakness, addiction, depression, or whatever the conflict was. I promise.

It's a very original song with an inspirational meaning. Don't give up!

Breaking Benjamin – You Fight Me Lyrics 1 year ago
The girl & guy are fighting back and forth. He's telling her, no, this is how it's going to end because she tried ending it. He's bitter and saying I'll tell/ show you when our relationship is over and you don't get the final say. "Leave me alone" is her wanting him to stop. She doesn't want to be loved by anyone.

Breaking Benjamin – Sugarcoat Lyrics 1 year ago
He watches her through her window. He'll never know what it's really like to have her full love or have real intimate sex with her.

"Look what you did." He blames her for the way he feels about her.

"He'll never know her sugarcoat" Enough said.

Epic song.

The Drama Club – Brand New Day Lyrics 1 year ago
staring back at tragic eyes
hollow still and dead inside
can we try to get it right?
or are we out of time?
i'll never know
you hide the path the leads me home
but i'll go on.

>he's wanting to know if they can give the relationship one last try, or if she thinks it's too late for them to work out. He doesn't know because she left him and she's blocked him out of her life... but he still hopes they can work out. Either way, he'll go on and live his life.

It's a brand new day sets a tone of optimism. New beginnings, things getting better, and moving on, but knowing you'll be back for the one you love.

While you sort your life out and move foward, the one you love is left behind until they can find their way out of their own battles. You're not abandoning them; you just want to live life and get better yourself, and they have to do the same. And you wonder when you return for their love, will they remember your name and face. It's about two people who won't work out right now, but he knows there will be a day when they eventually will.

This is how I interpret the song.

Breaking Benjamin – Breath Lyrics 1 year ago
"Get away please" > I see it as the girl is the one saying this to him. It shows she's vulnerable, does love him, but she's fighting to not care. She's doing everything to not love the guy.

"You take the breath right out of me
You left a hole where my heart should be"> Is him saying I love you, I need you, and I'm empty without you. You took my heart with you when you went away.

She made it impossible for them to work out, but using the word "Please" is the key here. She needs his help too, to stay away from her.

I think there is an intense love there that she wants to deny for whatever the reason.

The acoustic version makes it sound like she's the one telling him that simple line, but it really says so much about her state of mind.

Breaking Benjamin – Defeated Lyrics 1 year ago
And I'll be the fire that dries the flood> the lyricist is saying he will be the one to fix their problems, but he also says....

And I'll be the cloud that hides the sun> which is him saying I'm also going to be the one who causes you other unintentional problems, aside from your problems I'm fixing.

It reads like a bitter sweet song about love and struggles. He fell out of place in her life. There was some chemistry but they weren't right for each other. She was completely wrong for him.

"No love to believe in" > I interpret it as she doesn't care about him like she used to.

He recovers from what he was going through, alone, and wins in the end.

This song can mean anything really, just depending on whatever is going on in your life.

Breaking Benjamin – Away Lyrics 1 year ago
I think this is a song about someone who is in love with a girl but they got them involved in something bad. The guy loves her and struggles between wanting her to get away from it all and between wanting more of her. He doesn’t have the strength to completely end it with her so he tells her to leave it all behind and come back someday when she can rationally think about what they did. I think she followed him into his destructive behavior and didn’t exactly think it was that wrong. He’s aware that she can’t see the light and he wants her to find it. It’s tough love. He cares enough about her to realize what’s best for her.

Cold am I, I'm beside myself (He’s empty and alone)
Because there's no one else (There’s no one else he can turn to and rely on)
Have I grown so blind (He was doing things that were evil or criminal)
Only God could save you (He got his girlfriend wrapped up in that same darkness that he was in. He realizes it and hopes she can find God and save herself out of the mess he created)
If you knew your way to the light (If she only knew what they did was wrong, she could see the light in the dark situation. He was blind, but he sees the error of his ways, only she’s still in the darkness of that situation)
So fly away and leave it behind (He wants her to literally get out of it and leave it behind her)
Just stay away (He wants her to stay away from him and it)
There's nowhere to hide (He can always find her and I don’t think he’s strong enough to completely leave her. He loves her, so he’s saying you can’t hide from me so get out of here where I can’t drag you in to this)

I see you
'Cause you won't get out of my way (She’s saying I would leave and get out of it but you won’t get out of my mind and you won’t stay away from me)
I hear you
'Cause you won't quit screaming my name (She might think he needs her, hence screaming her name, and asking for her help)
I feel you
'Cause you won't stop touching my skin (This would be the physical part of their relationship. She remembers his touch, and maybe they’re still having a relationship and he keeps coming back to her)
I need you (She needs him in her life)
They're coming to take you away (This is when the cops arrive and she’s letting him know they’re here)

Frail and dry, I could lose it all (He’s weak and dry of emotions. He knows he could lose everything because of what he did… or they did. The life he knows and everyone he loves, including her could be gone if he gets locked up)
But I cannot recall, it's all wrong (He’s very confused about the way it occurred. He’d been doing whatever it is with her for so long that he can’t even remember how it really began and what went next. This is how deep they are in that situation. It dragged on so long that some memories are distorted)
Don't cry, clear away this hate (He’s telling her not to cry and to let go of the hate she has for the situation)
And we could start to make it alright (He still thinks there might be a future for the both of them)
So fly away and leave it behind (but right now he knows what’s best for her and she needs to run away from it)
Return someday (She can come back someday and revisit her memories and everything with more clarity)
With red in your eyes (he thinks she’ll be angry at the trouble he got her in and all the manipulating he basically did. Or return with red in your eye could also be pity instead of anger… like she never stopped crying for him)

-chorus- see above interpretation

Breaking Benjamin – The Diary of Jane Lyrics 1 year ago
I have a big imagination. My second and last interpretation;

I think Jane could be a vampire. She spent a night out and when she wakes up, she’s in the tub but looks shocked like what the heck just happened. She goes running through the house looking for her reflection. Vampires are technically dead so she wouldn’t have a reflection. She can’t see her own. She picks up a smaller mirror and still can’t see herself. At this scene the singer asks if she’d like him to come by her side and if she’d like that… to prove either she’s still alive and to say he was the one that she was with the night before, which would make him the vampire who turned her into one.

He says no because he’s angry that… “somethings getting in the way” from the both of them loving each other.

She keeps looking for her reflection through other mirrors and she can’t find it.
He’s going through her diary. He wants to know her feelings… to get to know her on a deeper level. I don’t know if the singer is the vampire or not. Let’s say the singer is the vampire. So the vampire breaks in and reads through her diary after their night of fun. He allowed her to keep some of her memories. He’s been seeing her for a while and he becomes angry when he finds out that Jane doesn’t love him. She didn’t write about him and is writing about another man or other normal stuff but nothing about her romantic encounter with him.

She touches her neck at the end of the video, maybe wondering if it was real and where the bite marks are.

The ending could be taken literal, like she commits suicide because she doesn’t want to live forever, especially being controlled by an obsessed vampire that views her as property.

It could be metaphoric, that the “normal non-vampire” ex says goodbye to her knowing she’s not the same person and closes that chapter in his life.

If the singer isn’t the vampire, it still plays out the same, he’s an obsessed guy, he wants to know more about Jane because they’re having relationship issues. He finds out Jane is cheating on him and it makes him angry. Janes having this super romantic relationship with the vampire and the guy she’s technically with isn’t even mentioned in her diary.

Breaking Benjamin – The Diary of Jane Lyrics 1 year ago
My interpretation that a friend once mentioned and I can see it playing out like this. Not literal like anyone actually did it.
I think the guy in this song dated Jane, but it didn’t work out. One day he tries to get back with her and she rejects him. He took things too far, lost control, and raped her. Obviously the lyricist never did this and songs can be pulled to fit various interpretations and ideas/ inspiration can be drawn from all kinds of things. The guy didn’t go to prison for the rape and she also didn’t write about him in her diary. A normal girl would write about the rape or report it. I think she wanted it to hurt him as much as it hurt her, so she dealt with it her own way by not giving the incident any attention (sending him to prison over it would be too easy). She wanted to do worse than that, acting like it didn’t matter and it was nothing to her. He was pissed off once he found out that she didn’t even write about him (something’s about to break). He hurt her, she hurts him back... they keep getting revenge on each other (I think that’s the kind of relationship they had). He’s desperate and fucked up in the head and she’s empty, hence no reflection.
I can see why he’s asking her to tell him how it should be. Usually the victim is powerless but she made it so she’s the one with all the power and control over him. Twisted stuff. It sort of seems like Jane likes to play games and was also pissed because he raped her so she knew her silence would make him lose it? It doesn’t really bother him until he breaks into her home and reads her diary though. He’s nowhere in it, or she is mentioning some other guy like he’s more important. He’d do anything for Jane, he’s completely left being her slave almost, anything she says goes, however she wants it… but he has to know “Tell me how it should be” and he’ll submit to that.
Or maybe she ignored the whole incident because she wanted to move on with her life and didn’t want to be reminded.
If I had to
I would put myself right beside you
So let me ask you,
Would you like that? Would you like that? (This is a literal question. He is asking if she’d like him to come back)
And I don't mind
If you say
This love is the last time (He’s raping her and he doesn’t mind if he never has her again)
So now I'll ask,
Do you like that? Do you like that? (He’s wondering if she likes him inside her)
No! (She says no)

Something's getting in the way (The aftermath of the rape. He’s already reading the diary)
Something's just about to break (It’s pissing him off)
I will try to find my place (He broke into her home because he’s an obsessed psycho and…)
In the diary of Jane (he’s reading her diary wanting to find some mention of him)
So, tell me
How it should be? (He wants to know if they will ever work out, if he has a chance, or what’s going to happen next, but he doesn’t find the answers he wanted to know)

Try to find out
What makes you tick (He’s pissed off and wants to know what would make her “tick”. In a person’s diary you can get information like how they think, why they think a certain way, and all the intimate details; what kind of guy they like, who they dated. He wants to be the perfect guy that drives her head over heels… but it’s kind of too late for that)
As I lie down (Literal)
Sore and sick (Literal)
Do you like that? Do you like that? (He’s wondering if she likes him feeling sick about what he did and sore all over)
There's a fine line
Between love and hate
And I don't mind (He knows it’s not love and it’s considered a hateful crime…)
Just let me say,
That I like that, I like that (but he liked the way it made him feel)

Something's getting in the way
Something's just about to break
I will try to find my place (He broke into her home because he’s an obsessed psycho and…)
In the diary of Jane (he’s reading her diary but it’s pissing him off)
As I burn another page (He’s angry at most of the pages he’s reading)
As I look the other way (He looks over his shoulder to see if she’s coming)
I still try to find my place (no one is around so he continues looking through the diary)
In the diary of Jane
So tell me
How it should be? (In the end, she really has all the control and power. She can turn him away, she can move somewhere he can’t find her, she can try to reach out to him and talk about it. He wants her to put him out of his misery and say how she wants it to be. It happened. He lost control, so he’s asking, “what’s next?”)

Desperate I will crawl (He’s still desperately in love with her)
Waiting for so long (He waited for her to love him)
No love, there's no love (She doesn’t and never showed him love or he never believed she did)
Die for anyone (She never showed him love, so it would be like dying for anyone)
What have I become? (He knows what he’s become and he’s kind of questioning why if that makes sense)

Something's getting in the way
Something's just about to break
I will try to find my place
In the diary of Jane
As I burn another page
As I look the other way
I still try to find my place
In the diary of Jane (At the end he’s still determined to get with her)

Breaking Benjamin – The Diary of Jane Lyrics 1 year ago
If you put on the most twisted, sick hat you can... you can interpret it as a guy who raped a girl. The whole song takes a darker meaning. A friend of mine convinced me years ago that he's an obsessed guy who broke into her room after he raped her to see if she wrote about him and that he'd do it again because he wants his place in her diary so he can read about how it made her feel, and that it made him angry because she didn't even mention him. Someone else said it's what's going through his mind while he's raping her. Probably not the meaning but it can be interpreted as so. Some people at the lyricinterpretations site say it's about rape too. D: Still one of my favorite songs though.

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