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Insomnium – Ephemeral Lyrics 5 years ago
Ephemeral isn't a word many know (including myself, before I looked it up). The definition is something that lasts a very short time. Pertaining to this song, life itself is being referred to. This is actually a surprisingly motivational song.

In regards to the chorus:

"Dying doesn't make this world dead to us": Inevitable future death doesn't mean this world should be dead to you. Don't focus on the eventual end, focus on the journey.

"Breathing doesn't keep the flame alive in us": your dreams aren't just going to be handed to you on a platter. Seek them out. Kindle your flame.

"Dreaming doesn't make time less real for us": Time is an inevitability. It's real. It's ticking. And it's short. Dreaming about your goals won't change this.

"One life, one change, ephemeral": You only get one life, one chance. Life is very ephemeral--very short. So take advantage of the time you have.

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