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The Offspring – The Kids Aren't Alright Lyrics 4 years ago
This song is about how as kids we are so innocent and have big dreams, being doctors scholars, etc... but when they become exposed to all the evil stuff in the world (suicide, teen pregnancy, dong drugs and overdosing). Because once you go that path there's no gong back. It's the teenage dilemma, "longing for what used to be." After all the cruelest dream is reality!

Linkin Park – In The End Lyrics 4 years ago
This song is about a guy who was in a relationship with a girl who wasn't really interested in him. by the time she's gone he realizes that all his hard work trying to rebuild what they had was all for nothing, that he has nothing to show for it, and that in the end none of it mattered. At least that's my interpretation.

Of course this could be applied to anything that a person has worked so hard to accomplish but in the end when he fails doesn't matter.

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