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Lorde – Royals Lyrics 7 years ago
"Music and Art" description to this song in Youtube:

I will probably have to explain this in parts and more than one post. First, I can explain what the song means and then the music video.
The song is about how pop culture does not accurately reflect the reality of the way the average human being lives. She uses herself as an example of a normal, everyday suburban-type person- describes how she’s never seen a diamond, lives in a boring town (“no postcode envy”)... Then she goes on to name many common rap/pop song references - “but every song’s like ‘gold teeth, Grey Goose (that’s an expensive alcohol btw) trippin’ in the bathroom, bloodstains, ball gowns, trashing the hotel room… crystal, Maybach (expensive car brand), diamonds on your tongue piece, jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash.. These things, or things similar to what she lists, are all things we hear singers/rappers bragging about.Most entertainers brag about all their bitches and all their money, but in reality, we (the listeners) will never have access to any of these things.But,as Lorde says, we aren't caught up in that “love affair” with decadence and money to spare.How many average high school or college kids will ever own a huge ballgown, a private island or be able afford solid gold teeth? Not many.. Yet there are literally hundreds of songs that brag about these things - and we listen to them on an everyday basis. See the contradiction? We’re normal people – we sometimes do nothing more interesting than standing around in a convenience store playing with lighters or staring at fridges full of diet Pepsi, we shop at Walmart, and we try to make ends meet – yet we listen to all these fantastical songs... and watch all these music videos that have nothing to do with our lifestyles or our realties. Now for the music video – all those rap videos are full of bikini girls, money stacks, gold chains, etc. This video has nothing to do with any of those things – instead, it’s a bold, realistic reflection of day-to-day human life... Swimming in swimming pools, standing on tennis courts, riding a a subway, listening to music in our bedrooms – these are things that a normal person would do. Again, it’s a song about that fact that our pop culture is nothing like our reality, and it’s a music video about the everyday human life, not a idealistic pop culture fantasy... The End, I'm done. Thank Jesus.

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