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Arcade Fire – Reflektor Lyrics 4 years ago
The Pitchfork review says that the meaning is how art has become more self-reflective/about the artist rather than the observer.
I think that's one possibility, but I think more about the kind of people who have thousands of friends on Facebook but only are truly friends with a few of them. Technology connects people, but are we really connecting with the person or with the idea of what the connection means to us ("Our love is plastic, we'll break it to bits")? The song seems to argue that connections through technology are impersonal and we end up seeing more of ourselves than of the other person. You think you've found a way to connect, but in reality you're just looking into a mirror. ("We're still connected, but are we even friends?
We fell in love when I was nineteen
And I was staring at a screen")
The "reflective age" is the modern techno-centric society where connections between people are more of this type than of truly trying to find someone. Trapped in our screens (a "prism of light") we're truly alone.

Dunno if this makes any sense or if I'm just rambling but that's just what I got out of the song.

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