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Gerry Rafferty – Right Down The Line Lyrics 1 year ago
Of all the pop/rock songs off the radio I've heard in my 60 years this is my favorite, from the beautiful lyrics to the driving, resolving musical theme. I searched many years for a woman to dedicate this song to and when I found my wife I realized it was going to be for her, I couldn't say the words more perfectly then the song does. This song and "I Dreamed Last Night" by Justin Hayward and John Lodge from the 1975 Blue Jays album are my 2 favorites of my life. Thanks to all who gave their special input, too. Great songs from the '70's!

Justin Hayward & John Lodge – I Dreamed Last Night Lyrics 4 years ago
The album "Blue Jays" came out the year I graduated high school [1975] and having always loved the Moody Blues I really loved this album during this magical time of my life. Between Justin Hayward and John Lodge and the great orchestra, my spirit soared with the music every time I listened to this song. The string section created a great lifting feeling. Not a number one hit on the charts but Number 1 with me forever!

Gerry Rafferty – Right Down The Line Lyrics 5 years ago
Being 55 years old and 21 when this song came out, it is by far my favorite of all time. Beautiful lyrics [I dedicate them to the Love of my life, my Wife!] and the music so well written, ins and outs and resolution, and the guitar work. The best time of my life [1978] and the song to go with it [and Baker Street wasn't so bad, either!].

The Moody Blues – Watching And Waiting Lyrics 5 years ago
I always felt that the song was being sung by God, the creator [my fields and my forests], to tell how he yearned for someone to understand him and that that someone would be man, just as the mole had come out of the ground upward man would arrive, too.

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