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Tove Lo – This Time Around Lyrics 2 years ago
Sad that no one else has commented on this one. Like many of Tove Lo's songs, it is a sincere and heartfelt exposing of some very personal and dark truths of her romantic relationships and from this we can learn a lot about her as an individual. It's a beautifully written song about falling out of love, but it's about way more than that.

Forgive me for looking at it from what may seem like a narrow and biased angle, but what I say doesn't detract from the many truths in this song that many people can relate to who have ever been in an intense relationship or who maybe have a tendency to lose the themselves in relationships and/or go from one to the next. This isn't that uncommon.

But I can't help but notice the many Borderline traits that Tove Lo exhibits in her self admittedly honest songwriting and in her interviews etc. I think it's quite possible that she could have Borderline Personality Disorder, but I in no way claim to diagnose her with it, but do find the similarities uncanny. And I feel that looking at her songs with this lense can often give a deeper understanding, with so many more connections and a more cohesive whole.

So this song has always seemed to me to be about HER falling out of love - and that is what the chorus repeats "Cause I don't even feel it". She's the one who doesn't seem to be feeling it anymore. She seems to be talking about herself when she says that she "thought that I'd be different this time around". Clearly she's the one who keeps falling out of love.

So why then does the first verse consist of her talking about her partner like he's the one falling out of love with her? It seems she's noticing these things - like she doesn't take his breath away anymore and he doesnt laugh with her anymore and he no longer feels like she's his getaway or dream, he no longer opens up and shares his world etc.

People with BPD are known for self-sabotaging a relationship whenever they feel the first signs of abandonment or rejection. It's far easier to convince yourself that you're the one falling out of love with them, than to feel like you're being abandoned. But on some level she knows that it's her problem.

If he's the one falling out of love with her, how is that her problem, you might ask?

Well firstly, she would see that as reflection of her own self-worth, which she (as someone who likely has BPD) would derive from the relationship. "Thought you'd make me feel it (ie self worth)".. This is why it's incredibly revealing how she words the first verse in terms of herself. Notice how all of his feelings are in relation to herself and how it's framed in a way that makes it seem like she's not enough.
She keeps looking for relationships, wanting to have that sense of self worth and thinking that she's found "the one" -because of BPD idealization, they tend to go "all in" and so this lends to thinking it will be different "this time around".

So why does it keep not working out? Is he falling out of love with her or is she falling out of love with him?

On some level, often unconsciously, people with BPD like to seek out relationships that affirm their preconceptions about their self-worth (i.e. 'people will always leave in the end because I'm not lovable') and so it keeps not working out because on some level Tove Lo self-sabotages the relationship, by maybe choosing someone who isn't good for her or a long-term relationship, or by getting defensive the minute there's the slightest sign of rejection.

Notice this revealing sentence (they have it wrong in the lyrics above): "I'm always so in love, all in 'til I start going numb thinking".
At the start it's a rush of chemicals and hopes and idealization like I touched on. It's the THINKING that's making her go "numb". This thinking is causing her to be unable to "feel it". The thinking is the reality she's thought all her life - that she isn't good enough, that people will always leave etc. Clearly the going numb is a PROTECTIVE defense mechanism against these things, triggered by the fear that he doesn't love her as much as she loves him etc.

I could go on, but I think I'll stop here, having made my main point.

Ed Sheeran – Bloodstream Lyrics 2 years ago
Some of the lyrics are wrong here. Here's what I believe they are (and some outside sources confirm). Some really basic mistakes above. Words in capitals were omitted above but should be included, e.g. ripping out THE pages.

Not "If you love me how You never loved me" but "if you loved me how'd you never learn"

Not "wanted to could free my mind" but "one or two could free my mind"

Not "I was looking for a love" but "a lover"
Not "Thought I’d find it really boring" but "thought I'd find her in a bottle"

Not "I saw scars upon her broken hearted dove" but "I saw scars upon a broken hearted lover"

Ed Sheeran – Bloodstream Lyrics 2 years ago
I just sort of realized the significance of the "tell me when it kicks in" hook. It implies the drug hasn't kicked in yet. You ask someone "when will this kick in?" when you're still waiting, impatiently, for it to kick in. But we already know the drugs have kicked in because he says "I feel the chemicals burn in my bloodstream" and so I think, when you take the song as a whole (which is about more more than just drugs - loneliness, regret etc) you realize that he's saying the drugs may have kicked in literally , but they're not working in a deeper level. The aforementioned line is followed directly by "So tell me when it kicks in" so, the drugs may be in his bloodstream, but they're not fixing the loneliness or the scars of past relationships etc - the stuff drugs can't really fix on a long term scale.

Portishead – It's A Fire Lyrics 4 years ago
@[rEVEs:6993] You wrote this five years ago, but omfg you are just like me!! It would mean so much to me if you would somehow (however unlikely it is) get this reply and talk to me. I have had the same struggles and came to songmeanings, not expecting anyone to have interpreted the song in the same way I have because of its personal meaning for me. I have never felt anyone who has had a truly legitimate internal struggle between homosexuality etc and salvation. Yours has lasted so long that maybe you are like me - truly and completely conflicted with both sides equal. Oh wow... I wish I could hear more from you

Nirvana – Spank Thru Lyrics 4 years ago
Obviously it's been well established that this song is about masturbation. What I love is the juxtaposition of the opening verse with the chorus. He, to use a Northern Irish a term, is totally "taking the piss" of sappy romantic pop songs at the beginning. It's sharp contrast with the crude descriptions of masturbation which align with the angrier drums and screaming is meant to be affronting to anyone who was expecting a silly love song. Kurt was very into subversion of the normal and pissing people off, and basically, punk rock. "Birds fly happily" and the description of nature at the start is totally mocking romanticism, and this is even more evident if the lyrics really are "pretentious mountains". He thought it was all pretentious. This is a bold "gives no fucks" song -- and even if it was originally a Fecal Matter song (which in my opinion is just the early name for Nirvana) it fits Nirvana's modus operandi.

Trespassers William – Lie In The Sound Lyrics 4 years ago
This song is very personal to me. It's clearly about a very deep intoxicating love for someone, but it's unrequited or the person supposedly loves them but is going out with someone else and they're sort of doing that 'dance' where they don't say what they really feel. Hence the 'timing is cruel'. And the hold this love has over the person is making them a mess, hence "I need and don't want to need, more than i should'. Maybe the love is forbidden in some way. I think the persona is trying to convince themselves that maybe this person does love them, hence they lie to themselves when basking in the sound of their name from their loved one's lips. Pretend that this person loves them the way they do, because it's all they can do. I love the chorus, it's so vulnerable and tender and sorrowful - they are 'falling'. They need something stable like the sound of their name.

I sort of had a new understanding on this line "what is love, but whatever my heart need around"... I think, semantically, there shouldn't be a break between whatever and my, I think it's all one sentence. She's saying love is whatever her heart needs around her. She's comparing her love to NEEDING, hence the lying in the sound - love is just whatever her heart needs that happens to be around. What is love? but whatever my heart needs around. Eh? I don't know. This song is great though. Very emotional.

That line /could/ be "what is love? But whatever. My heart needs around." Like she's asking herself, what is love? If this is it, then it feels really painful and confusing. And then she dismisses herself trying to understand it cognitively and is like "whatever". And maybe "my heart needs around", is saying - my heart needs you around. I.e. She doesn't really understand love, all she knows is that her heart needs this person.

Hozier – In the Woods Somewhere Lyrics 4 years ago
@[teaspill:4053] Well I think the puzzle does work, in that the meaning I understood from you is satisfying enough for me. I'm not sure why you want there to be another meaning "something else to work", but that's just your feelings I guess. :P thanks for the insights anyway

Hozier – In the Woods Somewhere Lyrics 4 years ago
@[teaspill:4051] are you wondering about why the fox is lame? I think it's because he finally sees his vice (represented by the fox) for what it really is and hence is made less powerful. They say acknowledgement of your problem is half the battle and so the fox is weak, easier to kill...because it has been exposed - not as the mysterious alluring woman, but a sly fox.
Maybe you're not confused about that at all, I don't know.
I like that it's as if he's just about to have the power to end his addiction "end his pain", but then the thing that caused it in the first place rears it's ugly head and means he is unable to. Quite relatable to many situations.

Hozier – In the Woods Somewhere Lyrics 4 years ago
@[teaspill:4050] don't apologise! Love hearing your insights :)
It probably could be interpreted to be about infidelity but I like your former interpretation better. I only just yesterday discovered Hozier's songs, but from what I've heard I would agree that escapism is a common theme. I definitely get that Pinocchio vibe you're talking about: basically, being afraid to get better or the 'cure' as you say. The sentiment has been reiterated in other songs in which people feel a comfort in staying depressed, or staging where they are even if it's not good for them, because people fear the unknown , they fear change. While some of his songs are more specific I like that this one is more mysterious and symbolic. People can choose to apply it to whatever they relate to.
Why is the fox part nagging at you? Surely the fox represents the negativity that's sprouted from the underlying source of the problem, like the addiction as you were saying. I love that, and the fact that there's something else lurking behind it that's unidentified - e.g. the underlying cause that drove him to drugs in the first place.

Hozier – In the Woods Somewhere Lyrics 4 years ago
@[teaspill:4042] I think you're spot-on. I suppose the beginning doesn't necessarily have to be about drug-withdrawal although I agree it does have that feel to it (and the whole thing could be about any type of addiction, really). I too agree with your analysis of the symbolism. Truth be told, there may be other interpretations to some of the lyrics (not that I can think of), but you argued your own stance extremely well, providing evidence and totally sold it to me. There's no right or wrong, but your response was so good it reminded me of an English literature paper haha , I'm into that though

Hozier – In the Woods Somewhere Lyrics 4 years ago
@[teaspill:4017] wow you explained this perfectly and in detail. From where there was a lack of understanding, now there is pure illumination and an ability to grapple with the lyrics on a deeper level. You're smart - thank you! Pure poetry

Hozier – Foreigner's God Lyrics 4 years ago
@[marycb:4016] what a great (and unusual) interpretation! I never would have thought of it. But it fits with all the lyrics perfectly. The rape of a foreign slave and feeling guilty while doing it.

Christina Perri – Distance Lyrics 6 years ago
I definitely can relate to this song, i mean i felt like this for quite some time during my life.
I love the lines -
" Please don't stand so close to me
I'm having trouble breathing.
I'm afraid of what you'll see, right now."

It's about being madly in love with someone but not wanting them to know because your afraid of what it means. In fact in my case we were both best friends and we both had feelings for each other but we were afraid to "call it love". We were afraid of how strongly we felt about each other and how that would affect our friendship.

This song, like all of her songs, is so deep and beautiful.

Three Days Grace – Never Too Late Lyrics 7 years ago
I think this song is about having someone you are close to be suicidal. And you are depressed too... but youre trying to convince them "it will be all right". You're trying to tell them that they can turn things around and that it's "never too late"

Three Days Grace – Drown Lyrics 7 years ago
I can relate to this song. For me, I think it's about losing God, but choosing not to go back to him...because it's too hard. It's about knowing you are going to "drown"(go to hell) but not willing to do anything about it.

"If I needed someone to control me
If I need someone to hold me down
I would change my direction
And save myself before I,
If I needed someone to control me
If I needed someone to push me around
I would change my direction and save myself before I, drown"

This talks about how it's like God is trying to control them and trying to hold them down. And they are saying that if they wanted that then they would change their direction in life, before they drowned.

"Good morning day
Sorry you're not here"

They are waking up and feeling sorry that God isn't there.

"But all those times before
Were never this unclear"

But in the past things were so much clearer (and easier) in regards to faith and following God.

"It's hard to walk when you can't even crawl"

This describes their low opinion of themselves, for not being strong enough to live a life God wanted.

"Once I had this world, but now I've lost it all"

They feel like they've lost everything...

Apocalyptica – Not Strong Enough Lyrics 7 years ago
Everyone's interpretation is slightly different which is cool. For me personally this is how I chose to interpret it because I can relate to it this way _
I've always been really close to God my whole life, but I fell in love with my best friend who is a girl (I'm a girl). This was very difficult for me to acknowledge my feelings. I tried to fight for so long and I was in so much pain. I've fallen from grace and become bitter towards God because it's seems he has no empathy for the pain that loving someone who is the same gender brings. He aint helping me as I cry. My best friend has always really loved me, but it took us a while before we could both be really honest with our feelings.Now we're in a complicated relationship (it's a secret, codependent) but we're madly in love with each other and couldn't live without the other, but I still feel guilty and like I shouldn't be letting my life slip by while hell is ever looming. That guilt and sadness makes me feel like I shouldn't be in this relationship but "I'm not strong enough to stay away"

Basically for me this song, is about having this guilt - knowing you shouldn't be with someone (because of God, in my case) and yet not being strong enough to leave them and break both of your hearts.

Evanescence – Tourniquet Lyrics 7 years ago
I'm not saying the song isn't about suicide, but if it isn't then how could you explain the last line. It sounds to me like she's calling Christ her suicide?

Evanescence – My Immortal Lyrics 7 years ago
This song is absolutely EPIC. People have really done well describing the song and their connections with it, so I don't really have anything else to add. Of course I can relate to it and that's why it means so much to me at the moment, but no matter what it will always be an amazing song. All of Evanescence's songs or SO deep and poetic. Other good songs I like of theirs include Bring Me To Life, Cloud Nine, Going Under, Hello, Lithium, My Last Breath, Taking Over Me and of course this song. I LOVE EVANESCENCE.

This song just makes you feel the pain so deeply and it also has a sense of haunting serenity to it. It's that pain of loss and also wanting what you can't have "but though you're still with me, I've been alone all along". That line means so much to me. It's like they are there, but they can never give each other all their love. Perhaps you used to be able too, maybe it was different before, but you can't have them any more. You can't have them. It's painful because you've lost a person that's meant so much to you and made such an indent in your life and who you are. They have given you a sense of worth, of being loved, but you can never have them completely - you've never felt more alone. Having to say goodbye, is one of the hardest things especially when you don't want to.

Evanescence – My Immortal Lyrics 7 years ago
Yeah I totally agree. nice words :)

Evanescence – My Immortal Lyrics 7 years ago
^This^ WOW, you took the words right out of my mouth. So very well said. I applaud you, and this song. It is a truly wonderful song.

Amy Winehouse – Back To Black Lyrics 7 years ago
This is a very emotional song especially for those who can relate. Very well written and I just love it! It's about falling in love with someone and being together and then them going back to their girlfriend and just leaving everything you've been through. It's a sad song about losing someone and going back to that dark place you were in before you got them. In my opinion it could be that person was pining for them for a while and was in a very bad place in her life, so now that they've left she goes back to that heartache she was in before. Wanting what she can't have. She thought she got it but then they left her for someone else.

I might interpret this a little differently but that's ok.

The chorus in my opinion is very interesting.

"We only said goodbye with words
I died a hundred times
You go back to her
And I go back to.....

I go back to us"

The line "We only said goodbye with WORDS" hmmm... they only said goodbye with words? so what I think is they broke it off verbally, but physically they were still together. "I died a hundred times" that's pretty obvious. It was painful, very very painful for her to stop their relationship because she loved him. So he goes back to her. her is probably someone he's been with before or they have feelings for each other. I think it hurts her how easy it is for him to just walk away from what they had, especially when he had told her how much he loved her before, and now he's jumping at his opportunity to get back with this girl he obviously loves - more than her. "You went back to what you knew
So far removed from all that we went through."

Ok so the last line of this chorus "and I go back to us" OK so he goes back to her. and she goes back to "us"? basically this shows that she feels used. He goes back to his girl and she goes back to him, because she loves him and he knows he's playing her (or not able to commit or whatever) but she's so in love she' letting him have his girl and her at the same time. BACK TO BLACK. black is the emotional state she's in.
That's what I gather anyway. well i can relate to it better like that way anyway, so whatever works. :) love this song yeah :)

Trespassers William – Lie In The Sound Lyrics 8 years ago
Basically to sum up for me its about someone who has fallen in love with someone they can't have. "I love you more than I should." That line for me makes me think that she isn't supposed to love them, but she does, she loves them so much that it isn't good for her, because she can never be with them and it's causing her pain. "So much more than is good for me."

"Oh the timing is cruel." This line could be interpreted in so many ways (as could the whole song) but I think it could mean that this person used to love her so much, but she was never aware if it and now that she has fallen for them, they don't love her as much any more.

"Oh I need and don't want to need." She feels like she NEEDS this person but she doesn't want to feel this way. "I am falling, say my name and I'll lie in the sound". She feels like she's falling. Could be despair and sadness that's making her fall. She feels like she's falling because she's losing control of her feelings. She wants them to say her name (and in that I believe she really wants them to SAY HER NAME like they are her one and only). And she'll lie in the sound - pretending that she's their one and only, but it's a lie, but she wants to believe. Because she can't take it if its not true, so she'll make herself believe it is.

"What is love?" she's questioning what love is. Her feelings have caused her to doubt and become confused. We all wonder if its real love and if they love you back. But she's like "what is love?" yanno and why is it so painful, i thought love was supposed to be happy. "but whatever" again stating her indifference. She doesn't want to know the truth, in case its not the truth she wants to hear.

"My sheet is so thin" what she shows on the outside is not what she feels on the inside, "so I say I can't sleep because its so very cold" she says she can't sleep because she's so very cold. She most likely means that in a metaphorical way. The coldness depicting the loneliness and emptiness she feels.

YEAH OK it's a very sad song and I think its a really good song at that. My comment is just an interpretation on the song. yeahhh... :)

Secondhand Serenade – Is There Anbody Out There Lyrics 8 years ago
for me this song isn't very metaphorical, i think it's pretty self explanatory. And yet again it's another one I can relate to very well. It's about someone taking a step back to look at their life, and they suddenly realize how alone they are. And like the title says - the person doesn't really think there's anybody out there. They're calling, and trying to find someone who really cares. They are asking themselves "what am I fighting for". This person though is staying strong though - "...but I am holding on."

"Am I staring at my future,
Is it time to take charge of my life"

They realize they need to take charge of their life and change the path they're on, or they'll end up alone forever.


Secondhand Serenade – Stay Away Lyrics 8 years ago
these lyrics really jump out at me. It's about someone thinking they're not good enough, knowing that they're too needy. They love someone so much and they're so lonely, but they know that they can never be with this person so they're asking for distance because it's too hard to be with them without they're heart breaking. They hate that feeling of wanting what they can't have - with just one look it tears them apart.

I think the other person perhaps wants them to fight, (maybe they feel that the relationship could work)
"You told me I should fight,
not be self destructive thinking I should go,
what do i know? "

this paragraph makes me think the other person wants to be with them, but because of personal issues and fears the they can never be together even though they're dying inside.

I could be completely off track with this one and letting personal issues cloud my judgement but it's just my personal opinion of this song and what it says to me through these lyrics. I would be nice to hear somebody else's interpretations though.

Secondhand Serenade – Goodbye Lyrics 8 years ago

this is like EXACTLY what I'm going through emotionally right now. It's so true for me and you interpretation is the way I interpret the song. It fits - thanks for posting and putting my feelings into words.

Adele – Set Fire to the Rain Lyrics 8 years ago
This song basically describes the pain of leaving a relationship that meant to much to you. She loved him so much and he saved her but then she realized he was two-faced and that their was a side to him that she never knew. And even though it's extremely hard (like setting fire to the rain is) she knows that it's what's best even though it isn't easy. This song is very symbolic and I find very meaningful - having to leave a relationship when deep down she doesn't want to.

She describes how much he meant to her - " kissed my lips and you saved me."
How her feeling are so hard to let go of -
"But I set fire to the rain,
Watch it pour as I touched your face
Let it burn while I cry.
Cause I heard it screaming at your name, your name."
The rain symobolises all the memories she had with him and how when she burns the memories she hears them screaming out his name. She cries because it's not easy letting go.

how much she loves him - "When laying with you, I could stay there.
Close my eyes, feel you here forever.
You and me together, nothing is better."

"Sometimes I wake up by the door
Now that you've gone, must be waiting for you
Even that when it's already over
I can't help myself from looking for you".

How the relationship changed as she got to know him better and that what she believed before had been a lie - "But there's a side to you that I never knew, never knew.
All the things you'd say, they were never true, never true.
And the games you'd play, you would always win, always win." This is why she wants to end the relationship. SHhe believes doing what's right is never easy.

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