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Electric Light Orchestra – Twilight Lyrics 9 years ago
Here is my counter theory; Twilight is the technology (time travel wormhole perhaps, but it appears as twilight to us humans). He arrives in the future, meet by a robot version that looks a lot like his g/f Julie (from the cut track "Julie don't Live Here Anymore"). Somehow, he can communicate to his real Julie through dreams, or tries too anyway. He is not thrilled with Julie-bot and grows depressed

Our hero contemplates running away, maybe even killing himself with a ticket to the moon. He changes his mind and does not. Instead he tracks down the town he used to live in Is This The Way Life's Meant To Be, perhaps giving himself a chance to assimilate.

Julie Don't Live Here Anymore, the cut track probably goes here when he goes in search of her, where she used to live.

Another Heart Breaks - Julie is gone, his life is gone, his heart is brooken. What to do?

Rain Is Falling - still contemplating his situation in the future, and he's sad. We get it!

End Of The World - He dreams of Julie, thinking he's sending he messages, ala Yours Truly 2095. But the dreams he has f Julie are wrong (sees her as a sidewalk dancer and wakes up is horror). Perhaps our hero decides it's pointless to covet what he can't have and maybe resign himself to live with the Julie like robot.

The Lights Go down - Our hero is giving up on his dreams of getting back, of Julie and embraces robot girl.

Here is the news - A kind of recap. "Someone left their life behind in a plastic bag" is obviously a reference to our hero. As is "escaping from satellite 2" when he considered leaving for the moon and however you interpret that - Suicide is what I think - and then changed his mind.

21st century man - Well folks, it was all a weird ass dream (Cut back on the MaryJ, Jeff). He's happy he's home, but has he learned his lesson?

Hold On Tight answers that question. Yes, he did.

It may not be perfect, but it's what I've held onto all these years.

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