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Muse – Hysteria Lyrics 8 years ago
Am I the only one that sees this song as kind of like... I don't know...
Someone is trapped within their own mind, trying to escape from it, but it's capturing them?
And they're trying to love someone, but at the same time, they can't, because they are completely trapped within their own mind?

I don't know, sorry if this doesn't make sense, lol.
I've not seen the video, I don't want to ruin the song for me. xD

Lady GaGa – Dance in the Dark Lyrics 8 years ago
I agree with this.

I think it's about a person in an abusive relationship or similar, with low self esteem.
Whatever. When she feels good about herself, her boyfriend just comes and knocks her self esteem.

And Stonebolt: I wouldn't be so quick to judge. It's not easy escaping from a relationship like that.

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