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Pink – Raise Your Glass Lyrics 8 years ago
yep, definetley just u :)

The Dresden Dolls – Sing Lyrics 8 years ago
ive seriously been looking for this song my whole life. its amazing.

Katy Perry – Firework Lyrics 8 years ago
this would b such a good song if she could ACTUALLY sing :)

Jack Johnson – Banana Pancakes Lyrics 8 years ago
i think this song doesnt have to be his wife/girlfriend. more to his daughter. its not a love song. its a song thts a desperate attempt to get his daughter to stop growing. to stop from her not being his little girl anymore you know?? maybe we should all just eat banana pancakes and stop fricking growing.

Pink – Glitter In The Air Lyrics 8 years ago
i was singing this song in my local music store yesterday and everyone around me started crying. i realized how much this song relates to my life and what it meant to be 17 and pregnant. of course thts not wht the song is about, but it could be. and it meant so much to me tht life is just wht u make it, even if its ur interpertation of a pink song. this song changed my life forever.

Lady GaGa – Born This Way Lyrics 8 years ago
this song technically states "f u paparazzi im not changing for u." and that my friends, is why i love lady gaga

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