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Hozier – Take Me to Church Lyrics 2 years ago
Well said but besides she, Elton John uses she as a pro-noun of course hozier is going to as well. Not that they are the same but used to sell records. In Elton John case gay back then was pure death, in this case he has an lgbt community behind him and of course he is going to use that in that previous YouTube interview . And he's pretty clear that the connection between the video and lyrics kinda works out.
Tired of beating a dead horse.
The church is their love.. pretend it isn't but it can apply to any love

Hozier – Take Me to Church Lyrics 4 years ago
@SojournAZon I am moved greatly after your words feeling like I could not express myself without having to make excuses or bait others into anger to disenchant them after they choose to attack me and I felt very alone here for stating a very personal feeling of what the song lyrics meant at the time, and quite frankly I still cry for her every day knowing that even though she screwed me, that time spent with her when I finally let go was the best in my life

Weezer – Undone - The Sweater Song Lyrics 4 years ago
@[Matilda:2643] Is Rad You wasted time in your life to write the above?

The sweater song is clearly about a drunken step father and the unraveling of a family or some type of that.
Are you a little kitten hurt by the words and dismiss it for your personal self.
Those affected by broken families is not a joke, or a stoned song. real people with real emotions, very young ones infact.

Ministry Of Magic – The Bravest Man I Ever Knew Lyrics 4 years ago
@[Matilda:2642] Is Rad Really because you went out of your way to prejudiced me when I wrote.
So what is your fan music mean... No its absurd to think that real musicians have a voice all of the time and the best thing you have to say music, really. you went out of your way for that? OMg ppl are more retarded than ever

Weezer – Pink Triangle Lyrics 4 years ago
@[Matilda:2640] Is Rad cause your a 10 yo

Hozier – Take Me to Church Lyrics 4 years ago
@ All I aplogize to all that see me get ugly. i don't like it either frankly.
As I predicted the Lgbt community would latch on to the Video and never really reading my intial words and turn it into the Ellen show so to speak. Well you can see by the attacks on me by the LGBT they would rather attack me and my personal writing style instead of what I meant.

i wanted so much more, real communication but no

Hozier – Take Me to Church Lyrics 4 years ago
@[nancy10395:1467] Thank you Nancy. The video is an interpretation by the producer of the song that has moved us all to write about it and how we interpret it. There is no way we can know what was going in the song writers mind when he wrote it but make conjecture and apply it to ourselves, as I believe the video producer had. Simply put the video of homosexuality applies if you want it to be but it comes down to religious persecution, gay or straight. Love is love..............

Hozier – Take Me to Church Lyrics 4 years ago
@[kltsin:325] I have been looking into interviews, anything I could find on these lyrics instead of putting my personal weigh into it... As I said he declared the anti homosexual bonus from the lyrics were made out of coincidence and the video. I recently saw another that stated he doesnt even remember writing half of his own lyrics.
If any one here was a song writer they would know it doesnt come in one shot but a view from different times. Which is true with these lyrics. He hates her and loves her at different times in his life, maybe drunk or on drugs and feeling her love but awakening sober to the realization she is evil and hates himself for doing it, to commit to her so much but that is love, not lust. It's raw and true the duality of this relationship and can explain every verse, every moment he felt as we have all had that clash.

Please continue to enjoy the video as its amazing but the song speaks of a fallen love, self doubts, rebirths and one committing themselves to love knowing the partner has moved past you yet beckons your call.

And might I say if the above is true that I wrote, this woman he loved and made his church so to speak is kicking herself right now and he is loving every second of it which I applaud. We dont have the talent to express things in our own way or a mass medium to do so. but wow how awesome is this. I endeavor the same

Hozier – Work Song Lyrics 5 years ago
A song of regret.
The beginning of it starts that she denied sex

Its regrets about physical abuse, misunderstandings and mistrust.

Something happened in a passionate fight, and he is alone.
He wants her till the day he dies and his actions have killed him in the eyes of his peers, and more so her.

Maybe anger, but he admits being wrong in the 3rd verse and opens up.
More so he was mad at her at first but when he lost her ....

Hozier – Take Me to Church Lyrics 5 years ago
Many are using the video to interpret, don't as a video has a producer and their use of the lyrics...

I looked into it (an austin texas interview with Hozier) and saw I was spot on with the following and Prior to seeing the music video...

My first thought when I heard the rawness and the way it flowed meant one thing and only one thing, a beautiful union of two people, yes f-ing but so much more. Just pure love and passion and giving yourself and that moment when you climax she is .... your church. But not to just a significant other, this is his goddess, his queen, his true love and hopefully a soulmate.

As for the video....I highly doubt he is gay.
The song is about a perfect moment with the right person, and Hozier loves gospel music but disagrees with constraints of the church. It was a slight undertone that the video based it on but the meaning doesnt change. I must admit I don't like seeing guys kiss even though I have been in Bisexual situations in my youth, but because of the song all i saw was love.

This is one of the best artist I have heard in a long long time. His talent isn't one thing specific, its the passion, lyrics and temperament and flow... it is how we all can relate to it.
Listen to "work song".. and you will know his other side, regret.
Passion and truth and I respect him for admitting a argument gone awry.
His other song I think Eden is about her being crazy..

All of his lyrics are about a dysfunctional love.... A woman he adores but everything has gone astray.

Civil Twilight – River Lyrics 6 years ago
I read via an interview and to quote, "Steve wrote that song and a few other songs, he spent about four days at home in Nashville locked in his room and he wrote about ten songs and River was one of those "

Trying to say I don't completely understand the lyrics as there may have been a ton of thoughts mushed together which we all do.

The river of light is love and the others are the ones refraining from it, scared of love, the "statues".

Then the river seems to be about infidelity as he is the other guy, the OTHER love interest waiting to be the only love interest but accepts his place

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