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Other Lives – As I Lay My Head Down Lyrics 7 years ago
I'm fairly sure it's not "the end is holy" but "the end is all we need".
also it's not "I'm alone" in the second verse but "I'll be gone"
And Snowfall doesn't sound right. it's something like "soon will fall/soon we'll fall" but it's a bit difficult to understand.

The Dead Weather – Looking at the Invisible Man Lyrics 8 years ago
as the band said, the record is all about identity, masking your identity, social media and honesty.

I think what this song is saying is that when you're arguing with a person face 2 face you most likely know the other person, you can see him/her, you can see how s/he reacts, maybe how s/he feels, you can even physically attack him/her.
But when arguing or just communicating through the Internet or texts or something like that, you can't tell if what you read is genuine. S/He is invisible in a sense, because you can't read his/her face. The other person may seem agitated or furious but is in fact calm. S/He is untouchable because there are no links between your lives and as much as you might think you know about this person, in the end it can all be fake. And if it's all fake, you can't hurt this person.

The Kills – Pots and Pans Lyrics 9 years ago
I guess it's about drifting apart in a relationship and finally ending it.

"to keep you cooking" - reminds me of "to keep the fire alive", as they once wrote in "sweet cloud"
she not having enough knives could indicate that no matter what she says, he just doesn't care - which references to future starts slow a bit
love is just not enough to stand each other anymore and she feels empty, drained and powerless while he appears to be so cold and not caring, as if he were dead.
so the dawn dawns, and all things come to an end, and they won't forget how it ended.

I love all that kitchen metaphoric that relates to the heat and the fire in a relationship.
I also love all the references to the other tracks of Blood Pressures. When consciously listening to all songs on Blood Pressures, you get the feeling that the songs all fit together somehow. the knives and the fire, and the context symbolizing the callousness, references to "wild charms" & "dna"
the empty tank to "nail in my coffin"
the days they'll never forget could reference to the door mentioned in "heart is a beating drum"

The Kills – Goodnight Bad Morning Lyrics 9 years ago
I think it's about holding on to a moment, wishing that it won't ever pass. there are those moments, where you, besides all the crap that happened on that day, that happened in your life, that's happening constantly all around the world, can simply enjoy the moment, the state you're in. So it's a good night. But another back moment when you realize that all that crap is still there, you just forgot it for a second.

in detail, I think it's about the moments before falling asleep next to someone you care.
"The speed" refers not to speed, the drug, but to something like "spirit".
Eyes are "ready for take of" - for me that indicates tiredness, especially because they "melt" in the head, which could also be a metaphor for tears either.

"the jailers" in her mind are all dead, meaning there's nothing restraining her, controlling her, limiting her.
there's love and honesty in this moment, so goodnight - enjoy this moment, another bad morning and the crap every day carries will surely come.

The Dead Weather – I Cut Like a Buffalo Lyrics 9 years ago
you can interpret the song as a song about music business, about sex or w/e, and all this interpretation make sense, but the clues in the lyrics aren't really strong.

Reading only the lyrics, I'd say it's about being treated as if you are weak and fragile, while you can in fact cut like a buffalo. He/She doesn't want to be treated like this, to be regarded like this, especially when his/her jokes can make people joke, and when s/he describes him/herself as a sinner and not the perfect weak person.

Tocotronic – Harmonie Ist Eine Strategie Lyrics 9 years ago
When we once again didn't know
what to do or where to turn to
we strayed for hours
on the alleys and in the end
we reached a river
who's stream led us to a place
where we've never been before
at least it looked as if
we felt a little dizzy
and lie down on the grass
close-by to the magpies
we haven't been so far

harmony is a strategy
harmony is a strategy
harmony is a strategy

When we once again didn't know
what to do or where to turn to
we strayed for hours
on the alleys and in the end
we reached a park
two sphinxes guarded the gate
that's how we spent the time
and we felt a little dizzy
we sat down on a bench
your hand closed my eyes
and daylight vanished into darkness

harmony is a strategy
harmony is a strategy
harmony is a strategy

scratch no names in the wall
score no names into the hand
don't raise a hand to the lips

I press charges, I press charges, I press charges

When we once again didn't know
what to do or where to turn to
we strayed for hours
on the alleys and in the end
we reached a place
far outside the city
where we've never been before
at least it looked as if
and hell's first circle was just next to us
every doubt and every necessity vanished in front of our eyes
and heaven's gates opened op right in front of our eyes
and the words of wisdom took us further than ever

harmony is a strategy
harmony is a strategy
harmony is a strategy
harmony is a strategy
harmony is a strategy
harmony is a strategy

Tocotronic – Michael Ende, Du hast mein Leben zerstört Lyrics 9 years ago
Another state of the union song
and about the degeneration of my generation
about the indecisiveness of the young
about the querulousness of virtues
about the hopelessness of my situation
and to settle the question of guilt

and this is why I make an accusation:
Michael Ende, you're to blame
that we can't find our way
you resorted to tricks
to X (eliminate) us from society
you want to devastate us
with the support of parents of all classes

Michael Ende, you have destroyed my life
Michael Ende, you have destroyed my life

Placebo – One of a Kind Lyrics 9 years ago
I think the song is about finding one's way in life socially. Many songs on "Meds" are about mental disorders or illness and I think this songs blend in on the part of social interaction, being special, or just being different.
He's from "top of the world" - he's good, or special or superior to others in some way - but he "gets nothing done", at least can't reach his targets.
"back of the class is where I was" - keeping a low profile, "keeping quiet, playing dumb" - trying not to attract attention. although the image of school is suggesting itself, it could also be a metaphor for life in general and him hiding.
"I'm on a race, it's killing time" - referring to the race of life, he has no goals. there's no goal, no finish, just the race he got to race without the prospect of some sort of fulfillment.
"I don't need yours, I keep it with mine" - he doesn't want pity. He came to accept his existence and life as it is, an he doesn't want any compassion.
"Two of a kind and no one home" - this could either point to a needlessness of relationships or to a bipolar disorder, as implied in "Meds".
"I'm in a crowd and I'm all alone" - whether there are people around or not, there's still no one able to understand him, to give him the feeling of being understood, bcs he's one of a kind.
"into the void" - life doesn't really make much sense to him. and all the things that normally make life worth living just make him "annoyed".
"I am one" - He is ONE. he doesn't fit into a collective. he doesn't blend in with others. there's nobody comparable to him. He is one of a kind, unique, special.
but he is. It's no coincident that the chorus repeats the words "I am" that often. He is. He exists. It may not be the best of all existing. It may not be the best life possible. But it is. He is. And this is to acknowledge. Whether it's good or bad, he's on that "race and doing fine"

Mumford & Sons – Broken Crown Lyrics 9 years ago
the song is clearly about sin and justice. The religious context is imminent due to the reference to Christ's crown of thorns.

The lyrics work in two temporal dimensions: the present and the thought about the past.

Verse One describes his thoughts in the present. Him trying to hide from sin, to prevent him from sinning, which implicates he has sinned before, probably recently. The intensity of his countermeasures indicate a big transgression.

Verse two holds his thoughts about the past. There's justification ("the pull on the flesh was just too strong") on the one and confession ("I breathe a lie") on the other side which entails action (stop breathing). lying plays a big part in that verse, but he is willing to sacrifice a lot for honesty.

verse three grants him grace (not speaking of the sins he committed) but also charging him with guilt (there was a way out)
this verse and the following may work in two different ways: as a dialogue with god, who forgives him due to his sins, bcs he knows he couldn't known (mirror) or as self-reproach, in which he argues with his conscience. Both approaches would make sens and it's just a matter of how religious you want to read it.

Verse five harks back to verse one: as he won't be the chosen one, he won't wear the broken crown. Again this can be read in a religious context, as a statements towards a mythical tempter like a devil-figure and the broken crown as an inverted Jesus-metaphor. But it may also be read as a statement to a concrete physical person, may it be a tempter or a consoler. Again it can also be read as an inner struggle with his conscience and his mind.
He knows that whatever he did, the road he went down, the path he chose, was wrong and that he failed big time. Feeling doubtful and not worth deserving anything but pain, he can't accept grace, because it's just not that easy for him.
The different ending to the reprise of the verse at end leads not to acceptance but to realization: he can't change what happened. he can't forgive himself. but he will keep in mind to choose the right road next time, because now, when there's no pull on his flash, he CAN choose and he knows about the consequences of his choices.

Black Dub – Silverado Lyrics 9 years ago
by far my favourite song by black dub.
but the notation here is clearly wrong. the verses should all end on "silverado", it's clearly written in a group of three or five lines of verse, not four.
the lyrics appear to be correct, though I'm not sure about "We blazed in 2/4 time" sounds somewhat different to me... but I'm not entirely sure

Florence + the Machine – Hospital Beds (Cold War Kids cover) Lyrics 9 years ago
I'd say it is about two soldiers really become brothers in arms, now awaiting their fate in the hospital.

"Coming and going, Asleep and awake" - wounded coming in, 'falling asleep' and maybe dying supported by the line "We have no chance of recovering laying in hospitals" though the recovering could also be meant metaphorically as in not being able to deal with what they've seen and been through.

"I've got one friend laying across from me, I did not choose him, He did not choose me" - they somehow ended up together in some sort of situation that formed a strong bond between them which results in "joy and misery" - joy about having gained a true friend, misery because of their condition.

Einstürzende Neubauten – Haus der Lüge Lyrics 11 years ago
So the lyrics in english: (I try my best)

First floor
where the blind men live
who belive in what they see
and the doves
who believe in what they hear,
tied to a kitchen chair
there is a maniac, who believes
in what he can touch
(his hands on his legs)

Second floor
roll for roll
lenght for length
woodchip wallpaper
lodgers are standing in the corridor
attentively starring at the walls
lenght for lenght
searching for typos and misprints
but coulddn't even make out their own name

Let's get to the next floor
which, o wonder!, hasn't been finished yet
only accessible by stairway
the falsity here is property of the company
they tile the floor with it
and nobody is allowed to near himself to them

4th floor
here is the home of the architect
succeeds in his plans
this bilding is filled with ideas
it ranges from fundament to canopy
and from fundament to company

in the ground floor
there are four doors
they lead out-of-doors
or rather to the headstone
here's the place to wait for everyone who wants to
concrete's coming 12 o'clock
groundbreaking ceremony
train of thoughts aborted
at face level fascistic
infamous or catholic violet
for better orientation

the roof is damaged
there's an old man sitting in the truss
death angels are laying on the ground
(they look similar to him)
he holds a gun between his legs
and aims for his mouth
and inside the head
and outside the head
and through the head
the bullet soaks
god has shot himself
the attic gets extended
god has shot himself
the attic gets extented
lie, lie
the attic gets extended


this is a cellar
here do I live
this is the darkness
wet and comfortable
this is a castle)

Coldplay – Violet Hill Lyrics 12 years ago
in my opinion, it's about someone, joining the army, being send abroad.

he's waiting for a girl, but she doesn't send any signals. He joins the army and sees her heart break. But she still doesn't say anything to him about how she really feels for him. He explains, that he don't want to be a soldier, he don't want to go to war, etc. and that he would definitely stay - if she says he shall. He's afraid, begging her "IF YOU LOVE ME, WON'T YOU LET ME KNOW?" and asking himself as her "IF YOU LOVE ME, WHY'D YOU LET ME GO?"

The whole war-theme could be reality, or it could also be just a metaphor.

A strong love ballade about honesty in love.

Alexisonfire – Polaroids of Polar Bears Lyrics 12 years ago
hmm...I see it a bit different. I don't think that the song is about artists, neither bipolar disorder.
I think it's just a song about someone who gets his heart broken for the very first time. The time when his childhood ended and his life was taken away.
Doesn't have to be first love....could also be the one big love of his life and him regarding his life...
I'm not sure about which "event" he's screaming about, but it means life to him, which ain't exist, bcs. it's only pretended.
He is filled with frustraition and desperation --> self-destruction. He needs action to not hurt himself.
the last verse ain't just random, but metaphors/allegories:
boxes of cats --> you know the sound of a box filled with cats? you can't stand it! it's waaaay too sad!
people with Taz tatoos --> maybe someone you should be scared of?
explosive personalities --> could be her as well as himself. maybe that's why they're apart now.
Self-centeredness --> she's an egotist
"protractor" does sond very similar to "protector" don't you think? just a thought...the protractor from junior geometry sets --> protector of his still very child-y parts of personality, the kid, whose life is taken away
Math --> logic, figuring, figuring out things
Geography --> where things are
the inability to do math or geography could be meant literally, or could mean that he's fallin'. He don't know where he is (figurative), where his way is, he can't find it and can't think of it
Polaroids of Polarbears --> POLAR = cold. it's so cold inside him.

...and's a bit suicidal

The White Stripes – I'm Lonely (But I Ain't That Lonely Yet) Lyrics 12 years ago
I don't think it's about Jack&Meg.
jack once said in an interview, that GBMS is all about truth and his last relationship - Renée Zellweger

I think he describes the feeling after they broke up and his emotions calmed down.
He suddenly realise what really counts: Family. First of all his mother. Maybe he - or the guy in the song - hasn't spend much attention to her during the past. And although he wasn't a very good son and he did not like to be one, he suddenly misses getting the loving care of his mother.
He wants to visit her, also because he needs her right now, but he prb feels ashamed - so he's not lonely enough yet
Same with his sister (which really could be meg) and he get jealous of all her (boy)friends - but prb not because he wants to be with her, but just because he'd like to be in her situation.

He knows some girl, which seems to be nice. But he ain't ready or doesn't have the courage to speak to her. He will ask her out when he hit the floor, but he ain't yet.

So he wants to call the girl that broke his heart. he still wants her. he still needs her. he defines himself through her ("I need someone to be one") but he ain't that lonely yet.

So he went to the river...maybe there is some place they used to be and he regrets what he has given up. So he wants to commit suicide, but he can't. He ain't that desperate yet.

...I gotta sayy...the lyric here has some mistakes in it...
found a perfect version here

The Raconteurs – Consoler of the Lonely Lyrics 12 years ago
basically..I think jacks Songs are always about love/truth or family...
...but often in a very ironic/sarcastic was =)

I think it's about someone who stucks in a realtionship.
he's totally bored and unhappy in this relationship.
(there are several sexual references in the first verse either)

so he complains about how boring everything is and that noone wants to undertands him (bored to tears/told it's everything a man could want...)
and jack is the "consoler" - in fact, he's pretty rough =)

he tells him that he is an idealist, but life is not.
and when he's looking for everything he wants to have, he will find himself alone - because no such person has ever lived
he can help him "find him something good to eat" (which probably doesn't mean a real meal ;-D) but that he should be fine with things the wway the are

so he's back in life again. still bored to tears and the consolation hasn't helped him any way. it's just as it is and he starts to resignate and stops complaining ("my tongue is tied")
still bound with the girl without humour, with whom he has nothing to talk about....but having everything a man could want

The Raconteurs – Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (Nancy Sinatra cover) Lyrics 12 years ago
...or he's just bringing something racial to it....

great song. better than the original. hopefully they'll do a studio.version either!

The White Stripes – Red Rain Lyrics 12 years ago
there are several good thoughts
I personally like that one about her being dead and him visting her grave, calling for her, even she wasn't in fact really an angel...very poetic

but I think he meant sth different..

"can't you hear me calling your name girl"
he calls her name. but she seems to doesn't hear him. Probably she doesn't want to hear him.
He's truely desperate, why he continues, but why she ignores him even more.

"I'm standing in the rain"
expresses basically the same: her ignorance. he's standing in the rain (which probably is a metaphor/symbol) but she is not showing up
I like the idea that she's maybe cheating on him. maybe she doesn't welcome him and let him outside in the rain because she's currently busy with someone else?

"red rain"
I don't think that there is really a violence content behind that. it just defines the rain better, which falls on him. the rain is probably a metaphor for suffering, because you mostly suffer when you're standing in the rain. but also it shows signs of martyrium....standing in the rain, calling her out...getting ignored.
that the rain is basically expressionistic influence. Red is the colour of passion and emotion. he has a temper, calling her name. he's hurt. yeah, he's suffering. that's symbolized by the rain.

"I'm the blood, you're the pain" --> he's raining bcs. of her.
red rain expresses his strongly emotional feelings for her, his suffering because of her his martyrium but also shows, that he loves the girl, which made him suffer.

"you think not telling is the same as not lying don't you"
she wasn't honest to him. jack once said in an interview that the whole GBMS-Album is about truth. He maybe confronts her with the truth, but she refuses, finds and excuse and he says this words to her....

"then I guess not feeling is the same as not crying to you" he transports this scheme of truth to emotions. Who doesn't cry doesn't feel, which also means, that whoever feels also cries.
he's maybe not crying in front of her. but he's in the red rain. so he basically doesn't seem to feel the way she sees it, but he's suffering much more than she could ever imagine.

"if there is a lie, then there is a liar too
if there is a sin, then there is a sinner too"
I guess the girl is looking for a simple way to get out of the story (what ever she did)
but he doesn't let her get away with it that easily. She makes the act - the lie, the sin - to the topic and wants to forget it, but he can't forgive her that easily, because it's not only the sin or the lie what hurt him, he's not mad about what happened, but about who did it to him! he cant look her in the eye anymore, she lost his respect because of what she did, there wasn't only a lie and a sin, but there is a iar and a sinner and tis will always be on his mind.

so he's in the red rain. now it has a bloody-meaning too.
but blood being a metaphor itself...for life. he still loves her and she still is his life. but he has no respect anymore. he can't look her in the eye. she's his life but he can't stand it. he's bleeding and suffering to death. desperately. crazy.
...and he wishes it wouldn't be that way.

A great song. it's so intense. I love it.
..and GBMS is one of the best discs Jack ever made

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