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Neil Young – The Old Laughing Lady Lyrics 9 years ago
The Old Laughing Lady is Shakti - life AND death in the world of form as we experience it. Shakti is locked in eternal relationship with Shiva (pure consciousness - the All; God without form). Many interpretations of this ... it's a model for understanding the nature of our dilemma/gift. We are all embraced by, manifest as, Shakti... the illusion of self is "the cupboard" we can't experience self (this little mortal self we think is us) without the context of Maya - "the wall." If you start with this premise, and the understanding that, what adds the zest and urgency of life, the beauty as well as the angst (you might say potential for terror) is that we perceive our 'selves' as creatures of time, is our mortality, the lyric makes perfect sense. Neil was tapped into, aware of, the other side of the looking glass and its implications, from a very young age... perhaps a gift of his epilepsy.

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