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Black Kids – I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You Lyrics 9 years ago
i thought the disputed lyrics are referring to how girls romanticize relationships from a young age. and the singer would be poking fun at himself for being so into her.

Twin Shadow – Shooting Holes Lyrics 9 years ago
i didn't listen to the lyrics closely until i heard someone say "shoot holes in the moon" meaning they were going to jerk off. i guess the rest of it sounds pretty sexual, too. whoops.

Junior Boys – Parallel Lines Lyrics 9 years ago
when he's singing it live, he adds "you've got more lines to say" to the end

(preeeeetty sure it's "no sets" not "no sex")

Sia – You Have Been Loved Lyrics 10 years ago
i hadn't thought of that, but i think you are right on.

Björk – Possibly Maybe Lyrics 10 years ago
after reading these posts about sex
i'm thinking of it in that place too --
can't wear lipstick to perform oral?

OK Go – Oh, Lately It's So Quiet Lyrics 10 years ago
"i don't think much ABOUT you" says to me that the relationship is over.
if he thought less of her, it would make more sense to say "i don't think much OF you anymore"

maybe it's one of those breakups where it's over but someone is still a habit to you -- maybe the girl in the song comes back to him some nights.

Pnau – With You Forever Lyrics 10 years ago
this song reminds me of empire of the sun.
also, i'm in that part of the cycle where every love song seems like something i can relate to.
to me, it's about not getting the chance to love someone.
i don't think i could love someone fully unless they were returning the feelings.

Cat Power – Love and Communication Lyrics 11 years ago
yeah i was doing that, too.
and it just came up on my itunes genius mix (from the song "please please please" by fiona apple).

it's creepily fitting right now.
wish i knew what it meant to her.

St. Vincent – Marry Me Lyrics 11 years ago
i can't exactly speak for her,
but i don't think the mary and joseph part is about a life without sex.
i'm an atheist, and i read this as a sarcastic lyric.

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