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TV on the Radio – Will Do Lyrics 8 years ago
This is a classic love song. New relationship and they're both a little reluctant because they don't want to get hurt if it ends bad. He's saying if they don't try though, they may never know so he's waiting for her to come around. 2nd verse he's reassuring her she should take the leap. The "you dont' wanna waste your life part" is him saying don't deprive yourself of something that could be great. Chorus is saying that whenever she's ready, he'll be there waiting and nothings going to change that.

Fiona Apple – I Know Lyrics 15 years ago
To me, I've always seen this song as almost a lullaby to the guy. It seems like he's had alot of problems in the past, and she's saying, just tell me everything, and i won't judge you. everything you've done wrong in the past, it doesn't matter. I'll wait for as long as it takes til your ready. she's saying give it time and eventually it will be ok.

Modest Mouse – The Good Times Are Killing Me Lyrics 15 years ago
wow definately. if you can relate to this song, then it's so clear to you what every line means.

shortsighted false excitement = the high you get from drugs
jaws clenched tight we talked all night, oh but what the hell did we say = this refers to using coke or meth
need more sleep than coke... = he's saying up all night doing drugs
Shit-kicker city slickers who all wanted me dead = drug dealers
Get sucked in and stuck in late nights with more folks I don't know = the phenomenon that is winding up at the most random places with random ass people during a night of various drug use

but he's saying he's sick of all that and all those "good times" he had were literally killing him. now he's saying, all i need is the earth and it's elements (dirt, water, air) to be happy. :)

Widespread Panic – Blue Indian Lyrics 15 years ago
this is by far my favorite wsp song. this is my take on it: he's on the road, traveling, touring whatever and is homesick. he thinks of these memories (pappy, sally), trying to get through the day (waiting for morning) and uses drugs to escape (medicine).
smelling the cornbread bake = he's starting to get high
then in goes "still right here, brave friend": that's his conscience or whatever telling him "you're still not at home, even though you feel good, brave little friend: him, for taking these chances with drugs for nothing
so then he's all fucked up and partying and is happy with all these other people who are "self-medicating" for loneliness or unhappiness...or whatever
then morning comes, and everyone always feels better in the morning cause it's a fresh start, new day, etc., but he's "still right here"

i don't know, maybe i'm crazy. i guess that's just what it means for me

Eric Clapton – Cocaine Lyrics 15 years ago
if this song is supposed to be anti-drug it's not doing a very good job...but i'm not complaining.

Dave Matthews – Stay Or Leave Lyrics 15 years ago
this has to be my favorite song on the some devil cd. i never really paid that much attention to it until one day it came on my ipod and it put me in a trance. there is no other song i have ever heard that describes the moments following a break up better than this one.

Remember we used to dance
And everyone wanted to be
You and me
I want to be too
What day is this
Besides the day you left me
What day is this
Besides the day you went

So what to do
With the rest of the day's afternoon hey
Well isn't it strange how we change
Everything we did

it's like that moment the person walks out the door you realize that everything you have done since you have been with them has revolved around them. you are lost. what do you do if you don't have them? you have to re-learn how to live your life alone. it epitimizes the feeling of loneliness and how much your significant other plays a part in your life.

Dave Matthews – Too High Lyrics 15 years ago
all i can get from this song is that maybe it's about someone who turned their back on a friend/lover for something they thought was better, burned bridges etc....they found out it wasn't worth it and they find now that they are alone. i dunno. but i like the lyrics.

Grateful Dead – Wharf Rat Lyrics 15 years ago
This song made me love the dead. anyone know where wharf rat comes from though???

Fiona Apple – The Child Is Gone Lyrics 15 years ago
i've thought this song to mean alot of things. at face value, i took it to be a miscarriage also, but the actual definition of inversion is: An interchange of position of adjacent objects in a sequence.

i was listening to this song after an all night binge, and i was feeling pretty depressed and i listened to this song. now anyone who has ever gone through this "darkness to dawn" thing knows how guilty you feel when it starts getting light out. you're thinking, "shit, what did i just do to myself all night??" that's what this song makes me think of. also, you can kind of sense a back and forth of her wanting comfort, yet wanting to be alone. as if she feels she is unlovable or something. so, this leads me to definately believe it's more about a loss of innocence, and like sound mentioned, she was raped when she was younger.

Widespread Panic – Coconut Lyrics 15 years ago
i'm pretty sure this song is about cocaine. i know for sure that coconut is a slang term for coke, so the song talks about coconuts (cocaine) then grass (marijuana), then cold drink (alcohol) the verse: It's time to play
Never tasted such a sweet thing
Sweet memories my heart's repeating
Time today
Everybody's heart is beating
Everybody's smile is greeting
Everybody's soul is heating
is just about the effects the drugs have on everyone.
I think it's most obivious here: "Gonna follow my nose to where the coconut grows
Nobody knows like I know my nose knows"

basically a song about partying and having a good time, and isn't that what widespread panic represents???

Jet – Move On Lyrics 15 years ago
this is one of my favorite jet songs...sounds very classic rock, like "freebird" or something

Jet – Look What You've Done Lyrics 15 years ago
i love love love this song. i thought jet was all hard rock stuff until i listened to the album. they're amazing. i definately think this song is about being in a relationship when someone just loses interest, but the other person is still in love w/ them. "take my photo off the way if it just won't sing for you..." is like saying, well if i can't do it for you anymore, then i need to let go..."fool of everyone" is the idea of the other person making him think they felt the same

awesome song...i really like 'move on' too

Fiona Apple – Carrion Lyrics 15 years ago
yeah i can so relate to this song right now unfortuantely. it's like what you all said, he broke up with me but is still "holding on" i know, calling, asking to see me, things like that. i personally think he's scared of this relationship, so yeah, the chorus <3

My feel for you, boy, is decaying in front of me
*his games are making me pull away, i'm getting used to his absence, i'm feeling less and less*

Like the carrion of a murdered prey
*the end of our relationship*

And all I want is to save you, honey
*i would love to assure him that there is nothing to be afraid of...make him understand that love is scary, but so worth it*

Or the strength to walk away
*so i can stop hurting from all of this...*

i love fiona

Ashlee Simpson – Unreachable Lyrics 15 years ago
i don't care how "teeny-bopper" this song is...

the lyrics are effing good

perfect 'getting dumped' song

Pete Yorn – Carlos (Don't Let It Go To Your Head) Lyrics 15 years ago
hmmm...i have no idea what this song is about, but i really like the chorus

Franz Ferdinand – Darts Of Pleasure Lyrics 15 years ago
i'm not even going to try to figure out what this song means...but the lyrics rock. this is the first song on the CD that really caught my attention

Damien Rice – Then Go Lyrics 15 years ago
i've never heard the song but i like the lyrics. kind of saying "nothing i do is good enough for you so screw you" although damien has a much more beautiful spin on it...

Damien Rice – Cannonball Lyrics 15 years ago
for me, i think this song is about liking someone too much, or falling in love too quickly. almost like obsession, but not in a creepy way. the other person's feelings aren't as strong, but the relationship is still working, although rocky. this is him just explaining why he's feeling so much. does that make sense or am i rambling?

Graham Colton – Hold On Lyrics 15 years ago
i think this song is describing someone confessing their feelings to someone and just being shot down...yucky :(

Graham Colton – Best Thing Lyrics 15 years ago
i've heard this song but never really listened to the lyrics. it's the saddest happy song i think i've ever heard...think about think you lost the best thing in your life just to find out that you've both changed your mind...i once heard a quote “Happiness is losing something, and while you’re still mourning the loss, you find what you lost.” sums it up perfectly...

Graham Colton – I Can't Stand Here Waiting Lyrics 15 years ago
"everytime i see you, i fight for words"

isn't it funny how certain lyrics can sum up things in your life so perfectly?


Graham Colton – This Time Lyrics 15 years ago
i can't believe no one has commented on this song!!! when i listen to this song, i imagine this guy completely head over heels for this girl who is scared of relationships...or just used to disfunctional ones...and she's breaking up with him and he's going abosolutely crazy, screaming this, going back and forth between yelling to anyone who'll listen and her. in the last paragraph, he's telling her she doesn't make sense for doing this, and she's crying because she realizes how f-ed up love is to her...
anyway, SUCH a good song

Howie Day – Lick My Lips Lyrics 15 years ago
Ok, i relate to this song completely different. For me, it follows something that happened to me exactly. i started dating someone that i was completely amazed with. "i was never so amazed. it was such a mutual craze" explains sooooo perfectly. yet, i had just gotten out of a long, tedious relationship and knew if i started dating this guy, it wasn't going to be just a little "fling" and he knew this. i was open w/ the fact that i wasn't ready, but he kept waiting around but i knew i wasn't going to it was me who walked away."you could never walk away from me. dance around but never be. you know you are the one who knows that..." perfect

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