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Lit – Miserable Lyrics 16 years ago
both make proper sence... we'll just have to call the boys at Lit and find out. eh?

The Get Up Kids – Michelle with One "L" Lyrics 17 years ago
good good song. Talking of a strong, old relationship. a good one... one of the relationships that you don't want to blow off, yet, time has taken a toll on it. The narrator finds himself slipping away. be it of ignorance or ignorance, he comes to realize that what he is doing isin't right. Instead of nurturing a good thing, he is crushing it,
this song is his call back to the way things were, but the feeling of doing "whats right"... to end the relationship.

Unwritten Law – Seein' Red Lyrics 17 years ago
GREAT SONG! For all the Unwritten Law fans out there, If you listen, and think, you come to realize this is the exactly perfect prelude to "Teenage Suicide." Like in human nature, withdrawln reclused behavior, is always followed by the post withdrawln hateful extremedies. Despite the chronological reversness, This theory makes perfect sence.

Unwritten Law – Teenage Suicide Lyrics 17 years ago
sad meaning... truthful lyrics... smashing guitar tracks wich sting like needles. This song will take your adreneline levels to a whole new level. It's a self destructive psycopathic song wich hints to the eluding of one's self inflicted end as an escape hatch from thier own lives.
Yes, this is sad. However, it's the truth faced my many thousands of humans today. The way the lyrics are mixed with stimulating, fast-paced, energetic guitars resembles the chain of events, and the last days of this one's life. It has built from plesant and peaceful to this insane chaos we call "A Teenage Suicide."

The Goo Goo Dolls – Iris Lyrics 17 years ago
It's a great song... i remember the 1st time i heard it . hey... im interested in the meaning of the song tho.... not about your first slowdance... thats nice and all, but what does this song mean?

Local H – Bound For The Floor Lyrics 17 years ago

The song is so monotonous and tedious, yet addicting & catchy. It reaks of tangieness and is dripping wet with spiteful... pained lyrics... i do think the song is about a dying relationship.. not necessarily a romance, or dating problems. While that is very possible... i believe the problem is faced with an association, or group. Maby just a single person. Does anybody know much about this?

Dave Matthews Band – Christmas Song Lyrics 17 years ago
what a terriffic song... it's true... honest... exciting... and addicting... all of the trademarks dave is known for. Love this song. Does anybody own "Remember 2 things?" After "A Christmas Song" on this reckord there is a really clever secret track followed by the sounds of a heavy rainstorm...and then the relaxing tone of crickets and tree frogs... what an absolutely perfect way to end a cd.

Dave Matthews Band – #41 Lyrics 17 years ago
okay boys and girls... we can't argue the meaning of a specific song like this. has it occoured to you that there is a possibility that this sublime song isin't dedicated to just one topic, but a whole host of worries on dave's mind during the song's creation. maby this can explain both the chashing lyrics wich refer to what seem to be several different topics, and everybodys different thoughts as to what the song is about. Let's not take to much time to go into what this song is about, but instead try to feel what the author was feeling... and take all aspects of the song into concideration.

Saves the Day – The Last Lie I Told Lyrics 17 years ago
i believe this song is about a young man experiencing something we call... Life. maby for the first time he is experiencing the world... out of a depression, or a breakup... He is finally getting back to his life... feeling the freedom of our world... his sences come alive... and he sings this song.

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