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MC Chris – I Want Candy Lyrics 19 years ago
What CD is this off of? Or where is it from?

Project Wyze – Nothing's What It Seems (original) Lyrics 19 years ago
This is off the album "If I only knew".. It's very different from the video version, and totally worth a listen.

MC Chris – The Tussin (Robotussin) Lyrics 19 years ago
This song's about how he did a bunch of robotatussin and got sick :) MC Chris is a great lyracist

MC Frontalot – Mountain Kind Lyrics 19 years ago
A wicked awesome song about doing drugs... And how it's damn addictive!

Insane Clown Posse – Chicken Huntin' Lyrics 19 years ago
This song is about killing bigots. ICP hates rednecks because they are racist and stupid. So this song is about murdering Hillbilly, Redneck bigots in all sorts of ways.

Slipknot – My Plague (New Abuse Mix) Lyrics 19 years ago
It's called My Plague.. as in something that Plagues you, Not my Plaque, as In a buildup on teeth or a trophy.. geez.

System of a Down – The Metro (Berlin cover) Lyrics 19 years ago
Berlin. Read above.
This song also appears on the soundtrack for Not Another Teen Movie

System of a Down – Drugs Lyrics 19 years ago
Would blue dream flyer and Jinx care to elaborate on their comments? The song consists almost entirely of the line "we're on drugs!" .. so I'd like to know why you guys think this.

MC Chris – Fett's Vette Lyrics 19 years ago
MC Chris rocks out. I love his music and Sealab 2021 is hilarious.

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