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Finger Eleven – Suffocate Lyrics 17 years ago
Crash u idiot, u left out how many lines in the beginning??? quit stealing broken mp3's off the internet and go buy the goddamned album.

Dave Matthews Band – Crash Into Me Lyrics 17 years ago
I see this as a love experienced before, but led astray by a past relationship, and he's begging for that moment again, where their love is undeniable to either person, when they make love, "When you come crash
into me, baby And I come into you". I don't need to draw pictures here to an intelligent crowd. (You're DMB fans, you got SOMETHING going for you... lol) Just my thought...

311 – Amber Lyrics 17 years ago
I listen to this and I swear, whoever this woman Nick is singing to, I hope she hears and feels the love that this man radiates. Rare is such a moment when something so true comes across on tape like this. I hear & feel a love there, one that I wish so much I could be capable of feeling for another... so warm, and so happy.

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