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Pearl Jam – Yellow Ledbetter Lyrics 17 years ago
For the most part the lyrics in this song are irrelevant. The song was written by Mike McCready and Eddie just made up the words as he went along. Eddie's voice is supposed to be more of an instrument by using improvised words, the words are never the same in concert. Ledbetter refers to Eddie's friend from Chicago named Tim Ledbetter. If there is any meaning to the lyrics I think the letter in the beginning of the song refers to the telegrams that we sent to the families of soldiers KIA in WWII. The telegrams were so distinct that many families didn't have to open them to know what they said. In the song I see a family sitting on a porch when a man comes to deliver a telegram and the family is so devestated about their loss that they cannot even bear to open it.

Pearl Jam – Brain of J. Lyrics 17 years ago
"Brain of J" is about the dissapperance of John F. Kenedy's brain from a secured flight back to Washington DC after his assination. The second verse addresses a government coverup with officials threatening anyone, probably the doctors that worked on JFK, who knew what happened that day. The assanation is commonly considered the loss of innocence for our country hence the chorus about the world will be different soon.

Pearl Jam – Crazy Mary Lyrics 17 years ago
Crazy Mary is an old poor woman who lives in a run down shack. She spends her day loitering next to a convienent store drinking with her friends. The narrator of the song is facinated by her and even dreams that Mary is killed one night during a storm. The next morning the narrator confirms his fears when he investigates Mary's house and finds an our of control car has crashed through her house in the storm and killed Mary.

Pearl Jam – Given to Fly Lyrics 17 years ago
I think "Given To Fly" is about a man who feels either supressed or depressed. He is able to conquer whatever holds him down and frees himself from the chains that bound him. He is now able to fully live and appreciate life. Because of his good fortune the man feels an obligation to show others how to overcome obstacles in their lives. From here I think the story parallels that of Jesus. As he teaches others, he is betrayed by jealous skeptics too cowardly to even show their faces. He is stripped and stabbed just like Jesus but returns again to those that truely love and believe in him.

Pearl Jam – Alive Lyrics 17 years ago
This song was actually the first of a mini-opera that Eddie wrote known as the "Mamasan Trilogy". The song describes a boy who grows up believing that one man is his father but finds out that he is not. He grows up to look just like his biological father and his mother falls in love with the son and sexually abuses him. The song "Once" is part II of the story and describes the boy obviously mentally disturbed who is not able to control his rage and goes on a killing spree. The triology is concluded with "Footsteps" where the boy is siting in his cell on death row awaiting his execution.

Pearl Jam – MFC Lyrics 17 years ago
MFC stands for Mini Fast Car. It was written when Pearl Jam was touring in Europe and Eddie couldn't believe how small but fast the cars were in Europe.

Pearl Jam – Light Years Lyrics 17 years ago
Light Years is about a very smart man. He is able to figure out all these great and complicated things yet he is unable to figure out why his love was taken away from him. Without his love this man is nothing. Together they are mearly stones but together they shine like stars. He regrets not spending more time with her when they were only seperated by miles because now they are seperated by light years.

Pearl Jam – Dirty Frank Lyrics 17 years ago
Dirty Frank was written when Pearl Jam was on tour opening for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. While traveling between venues Pearl Jam played with the idea that the driver of their bus was actually a serial killer. This was soon after Jeffrey Dauhmer was apprehended which coincides with the reference to him in the first line of the song.

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