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K's Choice – Not An Addict Lyrics 19 years ago
This past weekend I took my girlfriend to see an Indigo Girls show in Detroit Michigan and K's Choice opened for them. All I can say is WOW, we were VERY impressed. Their lead singer has an amazing voice and their lyrics and musical style are equally impressive.

Indigo Girls – Least Complicated Lyrics 19 years ago
I think that if you have ever come to realization that you are gay, this is a song that will make sense to you. I was hetersexualized at an early age, taught that I was to grow up and get married and pop out some kids. This never appealed to me, even early on, and I always thought something was wrong with with me. I tried very hard to hide from the fact that I was and always had been attracted to women, I tried to get the thoughts out of my head, I actually tried to be straight. Then I finally came to the conclusion that this was something that would always be with me, I loved women and that wasn't going to change no matter what. I started to accept the fact and flourish in it. So for me, the hardest thing to learn was my sexuality, but all along it was the only thing that was least complicated, something I knew all along.

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