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Dashboard Confessional – What I Wanted to Say Was Lyrics 13 years ago
I cant believe this hasnt been commented 2006 i saw dashboard play at Oneonta and Chris gave us a preview of this floored me. I have been LOOKING for this song to come out since. when i heard it though, the lyrics were..."what i meant to say, what i meant to say was...what i meant to say was...i love you so much..."

Staind – Excess Baggage Lyrics 13 years ago
this really strikes me as an extension of the song "bleed" by Cold ft. Aaron Lewis... beautiful.

Crossfade – Drown You Out Lyrics 13 years ago
i love this song, favorite part:

'Today I'll turn it all around
Pick myself up off the ground
Sweat all the sickness out
Force all the demons down
Stand up and set it straight
Get it right before it's too late'

This song is ultimately a motivator for me it says, sometimes you have to cut your losses and pick up and move on, especially when someone is dragging you down into a place so dark that you lose sense of yourself. It's about knowing when you have to walk away and finding the strength in yourself to start over again.

Finger Eleven – Change The World Lyrics 14 years ago
its very obvious what the song means.. but i still think its a very good finger eleven song, despite being one of their softer tunes

Toad the Wet Sprocket – Walk On The Ocean Lyrics 14 years ago
"we don't even have pictures, just memories to hold that get sweeter each season as we slowly grow old..." freaking best line of the song.

Ellison – Short Love Lyrics 14 years ago
the best ellison song out there!!!!

Ellison – Joanna Open Your Eyes Lyrics 14 years ago
more people need to know how awesome ellison is!!! i found them surfing myspace at midnight one night and this is the first song I heard; i think the tune is very catchy and nonstalgic. it reminds me of my first love. i think it's just supposed to be a tell-tale story of young love.

The Starting Line – The Best of Me Lyrics 19 years ago
love the lyrics but the song was a lil disappointing

Lifehouse – Everything Lyrics 19 years ago
i dont think it matters whether jason wrote this about god or a girl..... i think in each song, there is a special meaning that each person is supposed to find for THEMSELVES, according to how it makes them feel... not according to what's written on every web page. But... I am going to have to say this song blew me away when I first heard it. There's no denying that it's beautiful. You give a song like this away once to one special person because you find it when you least expect it... just like love. it's not a song you dance to at a homecoming or something because you heard it on a radio.

Matchbox Twenty – You Won't Be Mine Lyrics 19 years ago
wow. the lyrics blow me away. I feel like that right now over a guy.. i look at him, and i see the kind of life i could give him, but he refuses to see it.. he only sees what he's got now, these feelings that lie to him and tell him hes happy... but hes so blind that he doesn't see that he's not happy... hes fooling himself. And now..."over the lies, he'll be strong, he'll be rich in love and he'll carry on".... and because he can't see... he won't be mine. thats how i see the story of this song. his disease is that he can't see what will make him happy... his blindness.

Edwin McCain – Go Be Young Lyrics 20 years ago
i just want you all to know this is an amazing song.... if you're into the alternative stuff, give it a chance. It won't disappoint you.

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