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Bad Religion – Infected Lyrics 13 years ago
For some reason, as I'm reading through the lyrics of the song, I think of over-consuming, over-spending nations who are addicted to oil. We deny the fact that we're addicted to it, but we go to war over it and we use it as a measure of economic growth. It's a love-hate relationship with us and oil. It damages the environment so we hate it, but it also makes our vehicles run, so we love it.

"you're clear - as a heavy lead curtain want to drill you - like an ocean, we can work it out, i've been running out, now i'm running out don't be mad about it baby"

That line means that we (consumers) are pleading to mother Earth to consume all of her resources and her to be understanding about it.

Maybe I'm just looking into the literal meaning, but what-ev.

Brand New – The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot Lyrics 13 years ago
The lyrics are so deep and mature...I broke up with my girlfriend too recently and this song reminds me of our situation. Learning to move on...

Spandau Ballet – Gold Lyrics 16 years ago
I first heard this song when playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It's a nice song by SB and I thought that they only had one hit with "True." If you like this song, you might want to pick up the Wave 103 vice city compilation.

Taking Back Sunday – The Ballad of Sal Villanueva Lyrics 16 years ago
kudos to EasyCore for correcting "Your_Biznatch," whatever that means. anyway, i just saw TBS last night in SF at the takeover tour with FATA and they were FREAKING awesome. they played this song which sounded way better LIVE, of course. this is my second time seeing TBS live, but last night, they fuckin rocked. TBS rules!

Thursday – Standing On The Edge Of Summer Lyrics 17 years ago
PuNkS*r*Us, Thursday is on Victory Records, and they're having problems with that label...hmm...why did you say that they're on that emo label eh? but i agree, thursday is the "bomb diggity" (whatever that means)

Lucky 7 – My Father's Son Lyrics 17 years ago
oh my god louisrolfe you are such a brilliant person for pointing out the obvious! kudos to you for paraphrasing what's already mentioned in the lyrics itself, you are so smart to disect this song... bravo!


Andrew W.K. – Party Hard Lyrics 17 years ago
omg you fuckers are taking all of this way too seriously! this song is cheesy! people like it! leave them alone! i myself hate it! but that's okay. but jeez, all of you people just talk about the meaning of the lyrics and crap like that, it's just a simple song....move on with your sad, pathetic lives...

Metallica – Enter Sandman Lyrics 17 years ago
umm...the comments here are in regards to this song by did slipknot get mentioned here? i really dig each his/her own...just shut the fuck up and enjoy the good music. and to Apathy, why would slipknot want to make something like "the unforgiven?" that's not slipnot's don't see lars using double bass in his fills and shit...check out purity by slipknot then, there's your unforgiven right there.

Thursday – How Long Is the Night? Lyrics 17 years ago
funkykows you are lame haha....thursday kicks ass...but i don't really like this song...hah

Cyndi Lauper – She Bop Lyrics 17 years ago
it's about masturbation! hah! "Do I wanna go out with a lion's roar Huh, yea, I wanna go south and get me some more " that line means that she wants to go all out and please herself by "going south"....haha...great song...grrreat. ok not really, i haven't heard it. but yeah, i heard that that's what this song is about. hah

Unwritten Law – Cailin Lyrics 17 years ago
how old is your boyfriend, 40? he calls you your lil girl? mmmkay..right....that's pretty sick

The Cure – Lovesong Lyrics 18 years ago
Even though this song is sad and depressing, it's absolutely beautiful and will always be one of my favorite Cure songs.

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