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Autopilot Off – Something For Everyone Lyrics 15 years ago
This song seems to be about a guy who's into this girl and she plays dumb and is all about being friends with him. the guy makes his actions obvious that he loves her and she just shuns him off or uses him for what he has to offer. he is now at the point where he cant stand it anymore and if he cant have her he doesnt wanna be friends with her cause he feels hes put in his time...

Fuel – Sunburn Lyrics 16 years ago
This has to be one of my favorite songs as of late due to the fact that i feel it relates to my situation. Recently me and my best friends grew apart but i decided to ignore all the signs - "And silence hung suspicious and anxious
Like a blanket covered scream "
but then i woke up to it and she didnt and things just fell apart.
"And you were gone
You were not there for me" <- me realizing i tried so hard to help her yet the feeling wasnt mutual. now that that person has realized what has happened.. shes trying to fix it but half-assed so things to me just arent right and i dont know if things between us can be the same cuase i know they prolly wont - "All my friends are searching
Quiet, desperately
Loo into their eyes you'll see the faithless crying
Save me"
well anyway u get the point

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