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Okkervil River – Pop Lie Lyrics 12 years ago
The third missing lyric is "And then sink beneath that manicured law". The lyrics are printed on the CD jacket of the "Pop Lie" single.

Conor Oberst – Roosevelt Room Lyrics 12 years ago
"There's no blankets for the winter
There's no oil in the lamp
And I'd like to write my congressman
But I can't afford the stamp"

Incredible lyric right there.

Matt Mays And El Torpedo – Long Since Gone Lyrics 12 years ago
Pretty sure it's "Cozumel, Mexico"

And I've always heard the last line of the chorus as "And the sunset shines off the silver wings". Which would make it into an awesome reference to a Merle Haggard song.

Ryan Adams – Elizabeth, You Were Born to Play That Part Lyrics 16 years ago
It's about one of Ryan's close friends who lost a child that was about to be born, who had already been named. According to Ryan, his friend never recovered from it.

That's what he said at a live performance in June of last year.

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