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Bad Astronaut – Another Dead Romance Lyrics 15 years ago
Again....can't beleive this song is short of comments.

a) Crazily good song
b) Lyriclly relevant to most
c)I love it.

Propagandhi – Ska Sucks Lyrics 19 years ago
I read somewhere that they just wrote this song to piss off some people in their home town, and they don't hate ska.

Cool song though.
I like the crazy sounding laugh after the "Fuck you Rudy".

Frenzal Rhomb – Mum changed the locks Lyrics 19 years ago
One of the best Frenzal songs for sure

NOFX – Clams Have Feelings Too (Actually They Don't) Lyrics 19 years ago
The lyrics:

"Although the world could be more selfish
I guess it’s alright to eat shellfish"

are in the version of this song from the decline record. While the lyrics:

"I don't believe it's selfish
To eat defenseless shellfish"

are from the version on Pump up the Valuum.

by the way....this is a cool song

Nerf Herder – Mr. Blue Sky Lyrics 19 years ago
This song is cool.
For some reason it reminds me of Queen (the band, not the person).
Kinda addictive.

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – Will You Love Me Tomorrow Lyrics 19 years ago
What?...this song is a cover.....who would have guessed?...............

Every single song Me First and the Gimme Gimmes have ever done has been a cover.

Nerf Herder – Doin' Laundry Lyrics 19 years ago
ah........songwriting at its finest....nice and simple.......
Nerf Herder are a legends.

Dwarves – Better Be Women Lyrics 19 years ago
fuck..this song is catchy.
..but I think it says "threeway dreams" not "freeway dreams"

eh..i dont care

NOFX – Olive Me Lyrics 19 years ago
Great song, covered by a great band. :-)

Millencolin – Fox Lyrics 19 years ago
scooter / moped / small motorbike thing.
whatever theyre called.

a vespa actually.
for those who dont know, a vespa is a brand of scooter / moped / small motorbike thing.

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