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NOFX – Lori Meyers Lyrics 16 years ago
man you guys must be so dumb if you dont understand the song by the 1st time you hear it. This song has no "special" meaning or anything, it just says a story. A kick ass song by them if I might add. i also like the fact that its almsot as if 2 people are having a conversation. My screen name says it all baby. NOFX rocks and I like Fat Mike. {hehe that rymes}

Something Corporate – Konstantine Lyrics 16 years ago
okay i could say all this bad stuff about this song but my mom always told me "if you have nothing good to say then don't say anything at all". for that sake, i'm keeping my mouth shut. the song had great lyrics but the song is way too slow. It's not the best i've heard by them, but its okay.

Something Corporate – Punk Rock Princess Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is pretty kick ass i guess. They're a good band but not the best i've heard. Lyrics are sweet though...i feel bad for all those who say they don't have a garage band king in their lives. Songs like this do stuff to people...they mess with your mind.

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