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The Tea Party – Heaven Coming Down Lyrics 14 years ago
I know Jeff likes to use occult symbolism a lot, and the three words 'love under will' have a very suggestive meaning, as part of the statement 'Love is the Law, Love under Will', which is part of the Law of Thelema, or True Will. This is Aleister Crowley's turf.

Therion – Baal Reginon Lyrics 14 years ago
I know the lyrics to this, and most, Therion songs are based on the Draconian tradition in occultism. I know Qliphoth is the word to describe the dark spheres of the tree of life.

Egyptian: Baal romerac A'arab zaraq miliom English: Lord of violent thunder, the raven of dispersion, the destroyer of the day (light)

Baal Reginon (Baal the ruler or Baal the powerful)

Therion – Helheim Lyrics 14 years ago


Heldrasil, oh Heldrasil

The godess Hel shrouded in mist
rules in nine worlds
On Gjallarbron, in the river Gjöll
the dead seek you

Far too many before you despair
Oh great godess in Hel
Your lap is the mother of time
With you death takes it's part

See the Weird Sisters spinning our thread
Our fate they rule
To Gnipahalan our journey goes
Like Balder then we die

We shall travel to Helheim like Hermod did
At death we find our gold
When Balder once again returns
from Urtid, Verdandi and Skuld

When Helgrinden shall open up
the sun rises
Now reborn from the depth of winter
together with Höder

Like a shadow was Loke with Höder
when Balder was killed with cunning
And everybody disappeared down to Helheim
with Mistelten's magical twig

See Helgrinden which opens up
and the god arises
Now reborn from the depth of winter
with the sun as it's sword

The hidden godess in Helheim
runs a game with her life
Your lap is the mother of time
Oh great godess in Hel!

Lee Hazlewood – Some Velvet Morning Lyrics 14 years ago
My Dying Bride covered this song...I strongly suspected it was a cover, I never heard the origional, but the cover had some sense of the old west somehow...Lee is from Texas, which explains that then :)

does anyone know what Phaedra means?

Our Lady Peace – Starseed Lyrics 16 years ago
by the way, the lyrics here are incorrect, I submitted a correction long ago, oh well

Our Lady Peace – Starseed Lyrics 16 years ago
it's based on the book The Starseed Transmissions by Ken Carey....the song can be seen as sort of preparing for what is coming in the 'new age' ahead

Our Lady Peace – Consequence Of Laughing Lyrics 16 years ago
I agree with bipolar bear (who I think understands as well as I do)
This CD came out not long after I was in the hospital, diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, I heard OLP songs in my head and thought they were messages to me, about me, songs like this seemed to reinforce that mode of thinking for me

Our Lady Peace – The Story Of 100 Aisles Lyrics 16 years ago
I think it's about how people want an easy fix, a temporary solution to a problem that's not really going to be solved so easy

Our Lady Peace – Starseed Lyrics 16 years ago
I think the book is "The Starseed Transmissions" by Ken has to do with messages from a sort of interdimensional or alien race, that has come to help mankind go through the transition into a New Age...a Starseed is a sort of alien soul in a human body, on a mission...

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