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KoЯn – No Place To Hide Lyrics 19 years ago
"I have no place to hide, which I like"

excuse me if this sounds dum..

..but does he like having nowhere to hide, or does he not like any of the places he has to hide?

if you see what i mean, there's two meanings. but which is it?

Aaliyah – Rock The Boat Lyrics 19 years ago
I'm not a big fan of Aaliyah cos she didn't do my kind of music.

But what some of you are writing is really fucked. Just because I'd rather hear riffs than rapping doesn't mean I've got to hate her. I appreciate her music, it was good stuff.

I was looking for these lyrics for a girl I know, she loves this song and if it makes her, like it makes millions of others, feel good.. then isn't that a good thing?

What I don't understand is why some of you would look up this song just to let us know that you prefer your music to this and that you don't care she's dead.

Do we care you don't care? I don't. But it bothers me that you have nothing better to do that shove your negative opinions down the throats of people who actually like Aaliyah.

Jack Off Jill – Ugly Girl Lyrics 19 years ago
this isn't jack off jill...... is it? this is weird al yankovic, what the lyrics SHOULD have looked like

Lawnmower Deth – Got No Legs? Don't Come Crawling To Me Lyrics 19 years ago
nah this isn't my band, i just love them! they're english and play thrash. obviously it's parody stuff, mocking the thrash that was around early 90's. unfortunately they'd gone lame and given up by 1995, and being only 19 i kinda missed out on it all :( i think all their stuff is on vinyl, too. but i can't find where the hell to buy it!

Nine Days – Absolutely (Story Of A Girl) Lyrics 19 years ago
fact: this song was written about a girl i know.

ok, so it wasn't really. but it could have been.

Brandy – (Everything I Do) I Do It for You Lyrics 19 years ago
Brandy did NOT write this! i hope you were joking... this was Bryan Adams' and his version was truly awesome. It's from Robin Hood and the really expensive Ford adverts in the UK, too.

Garbage – As Heaven Is Wide Lyrics 19 years ago
i see it a different way...
i liked this song just cos it was good, then i had the misfortune of trusting someone i shouldn't (it's a teenage crush thang). i think this was written by someone in the same situation, that person hurt them bad, makes their skin crawl and can't be forgiven, and choking on guilt is much too pleasant for them.
i think the 'run away from here as far as heaven is wide / angels can fly' is just an example of how far away from that person you wish you were and heaven is, well, kinda big.

Olive – You're Not Alone Lyrics 19 years ago
i like this song a lot, too. it's one of my feel good songs, i like the idea that i'm not alone, especially when i feel alone. i dont understand why this works because i don't have anyone anywhere who is waiting or loves me *sad sigh*. yeah but anyway, where was i? oh yeah, good song.

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